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Thread: Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00 CST

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    TI was a formative part of my teenager years. (I get to say that now that I'm at the lofty age of 20). I cannot imagine a better way to spend that Saturday then with all of you.

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    Kind of an awkward time because it's finals week and it's the last one before I graduate. I will try to make it. <3

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    I'm in the same boat as Magnet in terms of finals. I really did miss having a solid server with regulars to play with and talk to. I even have an actual pc now, instead of my shitty macbook.

    Thanks brandwarbs for the tip lol.

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    Who doesn't like animals in fancy suits? No one. No one doesn't like animals in fancy suits, that's who.

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    A dozen, a gross, and a score
    and three times the square root of four
    all over seven
    plus five times eleven
    equals nine squared — and not a bit more!

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    the fact i still remember my password for this site concerns me

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    fucking shit i haven't used forums since 2014 what is this

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    this is just the beginning of a new chapter

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    Add me on Steam!

    Yahaha! You found me! Buh-bye!
    If you're reading this, I love you.

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    Go big or go metal.

    -Kawaii Weabooze

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    Oh snap, looking forward to it!

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    This is subconsciously going to get you to look up Koishi Komeiji in the near future. From there, you're going to fall down the rabbit hole better known as Touhou fandom. It can get crazy so watch your step and avoid those traps!

    If you are immune to these fandoms, find me on TF2 and Minecraft

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    Bonka can't login due to a forum error, but he +1s the event and will be there.

    29 votes in favor: Universal Wasabi, TacticalSheltie, brandwarbs, nord, Bananacopter, Kuckles22, Uber, Bluedude303, warchowder, Maybe Melee Kills, Pants, fieryrage, TheGameFreak, DoubleDragn, Renegade42, Aginor, Tarostad, legned, lighthouse, CaptPlaceholder, Dustee, legend, Deltor, Crasian, Kage, Gutbuster, Cruel, Xemgoa, Physical

    1 vote against: Chayoss

    1 'zero' vote: Magnet

    Total: +28

    0 misvotes.

    453.6 days since voting began.

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