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Thread: Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00 CST

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    oh boy, ive still been playing tf2, but man oh man have I not seen some of these names in a while. Hope all is well with everyone, and ill just leave this here.

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    Life's got me thinking about a lot, both good and bad. Help me make it good, no, the best.

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    nord (December 3rd, 2018, December 3rd, 2018)

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    Pretty sure I can make this

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    Capio omne cum grano salis.

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    I will be probably late. around 11pm cst.

    can someone message me on steam the info thanks

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    Wow I barely caught this. I'll be there.

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    In - a - gadda - da - vida

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    If I can make it. Though, I am not a fan of the idea that we will brand any one experience with such finality.

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    Look, look with your special eyes! My Mirror?!

    I love all of you, how are you doing?
    I just want to find these violent people and cut out their eyes and light them all on fire while blaring Celine Deon directly into their ears. - Some guy on Yahoo.

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    Sure. One more hoorah before we're buried alive!

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    Also, if there's going to be a password on the server, I'd appreciate it if someone sent me it through something such as Steam!

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    I'll edit OP to put the link in there, too, but here you go:


    That link has the password, "ti", in it already.

    IF we get too super-full and/or random people from the internet start bugging us, we reserve the right to change the password or hand out half-hour bans or whatever to keep out the riff-raff.

    What maps do y'all wanna do?

    29 votes in favor: Universal Wasabi, TacticalSheltie, brandwarbs, nord, Bananacopter, Kuckles22, Uber, Bluedude303, warchowder, Maybe Melee Kills, Pants, fieryrage, TheGameFreak, DoubleDragn, Renegade42, Aginor, Tarostad, legned, lighthouse, CaptPlaceholder, Dustee, legend, Deltor, Crasian, Kage, Gutbuster, Cruel, Xemgoa, Physical

    1 vote against: Chayoss

    1 'zero' vote: Magnet

    Total: +28

    0 misvotes.

    238.5 days since voting began.
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    all over seven
    plus five times eleven
    equals nine squared — and not a bit more!

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    TacticalSheltie (December 8th, 2018, December 8th, 2018)

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