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Thread: 2017: TI Secret Santa

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    2017: TI Secret Santa

    It's Secret Santa time again!

    By now you all know the drill, but I'll give a rundown anyway.

    To Join:
    1) Be an admin or former admin
    2) Long-time pubber
    3) Ask me really nicely

    You have to guarantee participation.
    Again, for emphasis, before you sign up make sure you can guarantee participation.

    Important Dates:

    November 20th -- Last Day to sign up
    November 21st -- Day you find out who you're getting a gift for
    December 15th -- Last day you should ship things

    Basic Gifting Rules and Suggestions
    There will be no minimum or maximum amount for this gift exchange, you can spend as much or as little as you'd like. I will always encourage handmade or thoughtful gifts.
    With that being said, this time of year is supposed to be fun and filled with good feelings, so please don't get upset if the value of the gift you sent out doesn't match the value of the gift you received. Someone is sending you a gift! Be happy, be cheerful, it's the holidays. Also, please don't wait until the last minute to get someone a gift. Don't be that guy.

    How I'm running this
    I'll be using elfster as usual. Make sure to fill out your profile, especially your address. Feel free to fill in the wishlist there or link an amazon wishlist or something.
    Also, please share your gifts! It's really nice to see the community celebrate this and since we can't all be in one place under a tree, sharing on the forums is the next best thing.

    Click me to sign up!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me.

    I give up on the picture.

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    Cruel (November 11th, 2017, November 11th, 2017),Universal Wasabi (November 12th, 2017, November 12th, 2017)

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    So! I was totally busy with my Big Gay Conference and wasn't able to make a reminder post.
    Thank you to those who have already signed up (people have been joining just not mentioning anything on the forums). You have until the 25th (this Saturday) to sign up if you still want it.

    I'll also be doing a cute small surprise for everyone who joins in this year.

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    In case you haven't noticed, you have been paired up! So go out hunting for a gift for your person!
    If you need any help don't hesitate to message me.

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