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Thread: Another Tragedy in France

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    Another Tragedy in France

    It is unfortunate that my first post in a while is a heavy one, but I didn't see anyone reporting on it before and I thought I'd share the news: Another attack has occurred in France on Bastille day no less. A man drove a truck through a pedestrian area while onlookers were trying to view the fireworks display nearby in Nice, France. He hit and killed about 80 people, potentially more as about 18 or so are currently in critical condition. News reports are stating the man had explosives in the vehicle with him when he was shot and killed by police.

    WARNING: The following news article contains several videos, including footage taken during the attack in at the least the first video. Discretion is advised when viewing the videos.

    Please keep those involved in the attack and their families in your thoughts and prayers, this attack has increased the state of emergency by 3 months by order of the Prime Minister of France.
    Death hangs in the balance, and so does my head!

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    I'd heard about this in passing about an hour ago but wasn't near a computer at the time. Thanks for the link.
    This is, yet again, just awful.
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