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Thread: [1WK SILENCE] STEAM_0:1:62459181 - Azerath

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    [1WK SILENCE] STEAM_0:1:62459181 - Azerath

    Complaint/Dispute Form
    [Note Action Taken] Azerath
    HLStatsXSteam ID
    Player used hate speech, I gagged for approx two minutes.
    2016-05-25 18:15:13 STEAM_0:0:6513953 STEAM_0:1:62459181 "[!?] Magnet<30><[U:1:13027906]><>" ungagged "Azerath<28><[U:1:124918363]><>"
    2016-05-25 18:12:31 STEAM_0:0:6513953 STEAM_0:1:62459181 "[!?] Magnet<30><[U:1:13027906]><>" gagged "Azerath<28><[U:1:124918363]><>"

    I ungagged and he wanted to debate the rules. I referred him tot he forums.
    I asked him to move on, it was only a two minute gag but player wouldn't let it go. I then psilenced him for about 20 min.
    Steam Profile PageLocation
    Server 5 2016-05-25 18:12:31
    TI Members Present
    Last edited by Magnet; May 25th, 2016, May 25th, 2016 at 06:44 PM.

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    Войска специальн (June 12th, 2016, June 12th, 2016)

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    I made this post because he said he was going to come to the forms and complain about my action. I just have this here ready for it in case he's actually going to follow up on it.

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    2d+ connection time, and an active activity chart, he knows the rules.

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    For some reason, the unsilence didn't come off in game. Removed it VIA tools today.

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    Confirmed removed. Escalate as necessary in the future.

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