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Thread: Mini-meetup - Jake's house

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    UNFORTUNATELY i start my new job on the 28th and won't be able to attend.
    luckily im a wee lil babby (19 turning 20 in June) so one day i will share drinks with you guys. one day.
    best wishes,

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    So the temperature for next weekend is in the mid to high 70s... however, Wisconsin decided to plunge back into winter for a few days this week because fuck seasons.

    Unfortunately this means the likelihood of the pool not being at subzero temperatures is lower. Still plan accordingly in case it is ready and the weather does permit. We'll just have to play it by ear.

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    This is Friday!

    From the sounds of it, it seems like a few of you can make it down early afternoon on Friday but others will be more towards the evening/night because work.

    That's okay. We'll try not to get things started too much before you get here. Probably tomorrow or Thursday I will send out a group text to all of you with my address, bank account information, and social security benefits.

    Also: If some of you can't get here as early as you'd like and want to stay until Monday too since it's memorial day and most people don't work anyway, that's totally fine. I know Pants mentioned wanting to do that.

    See you guys this weekend!

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    Things came up

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    My anime Library.
    My favorite genres in Games and Fiction are Action RPGs and Dark Fantasy respectively.

    The Black Salamander is my spirit animal.

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  7. 1 person says "thank you!" to Pants for this awesome post (hover to view who)

    BostonJake (May 25th, 2016, May 25th, 2016)

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    Thank you to everyone who showed up! It was a blast.


    Taro landing his drone on Squirrels

    Frank found a gun!

    Pants learning how to work his new drone.


    DoubleDragn doing Dragn stuff.

    Tarostad can't wait for Frank to ejaculate all of his balls.


    Taro, Pants, Dragn, and Frank getting Cards Against Humanity set up.

    I'm still finding these balls all over my house...

    All of us getting ready to play Bang! The Dice Game.

    Pants had to shoot himself in the face with his new gun before he could shoot anyone else.

    4 votes in favor: Pants, Tarostad, BostonJake, DoubleDragn

    2 votes against: Princess of Sweden, brandwarbs

    1 'zero' vote: The Frank Furterz

    Total: +2

    0 misvotes.

    1345.1 days since voting began.
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  9. 4 people say "thank you!" to BostonJake for this awesome post (hover to view who)

    booper_101 (May 31st, 2016, May 31st, 2016),Hero88go (June 2nd, 2016, June 2nd, 2016),The Frank Furterz (May 31st, 2016, May 31st, 2016),TheGameFreak (June 1st, 2016, June 1st, 2016)

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