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Thread: [WARNING] STEAM_0:0:144902357 - Mr lion

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    [WARNING] STEAM_0:0:144902357 - Mr lion

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    Mr lion
    HLStatsXSteam ID
    Spam - Voice and chat
    Player has no intention not to spam, has 3 mutes on record. Requesting silence until apology.

    Player also has a friend, Mega Charizard who earned his first set of silences today
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    Server 2
    TI Members Present

    EDIT: Player came back and apparently has a semi-broken mic, will re-open if player becomes problematic.

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    The player in question hasn't returned since this incident.

    I think we can chalk this up to "warning" and escalate if they return and are problematic.

    Two weeks, moving to resolved.
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