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Thread: [SILENCED] STEAM_0:0:51865634 - Hatespeech

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    I blame Stuart Nighthawk's Avatar $ Donor $
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    Dec 2011
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    [SILENCED] STEAM_0:0:51865634 - Hatespeech

    Name: Jazzy Claus
    Constant Hatespeech
    Steam Profile Page:
    TF2 Server 2, ~4:45pm CST, December 23, 2015

    Pants applied a permamute shortly after being notified.
    We're up all night for good fun

    NH Youtubes

    Renegade Marksman Azure_Star42:It's a Canadian Miracle!
    [!?] tek [What!?]:
    you evil tratorous bitch. Shotgunning me, claiming it was a rifle, then tossing the corpse before anyone else checked?
    [!?] tek [What!?]: ...damn gurl, that good.
    Resto Chesto: Nighthawk, you're on your "I'm gonna admin the shit out of someone" moment but your giggling is ADORABLE!
    Shadow Hawks laugh is contagious...

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    Войска специальн (December 23rd, 2015, December 23rd, 2015)

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    The user is in fact silenced. I'd say leave it be until they ask to have it removed. It doesn't seem they had much to contribute in terms of conversation prior to this anyway.

    the beef is marinated

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