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Thread: [7 DAY MUTE] STEAM_0:0:33453658 - I <3 Grapes

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    [7 DAY MUTE] STEAM_0:0:33453658 - I <3 Grapes

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    Войска специальн (September 10th, 2015, September 10th, 2015)

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    Grapes now has 5 mutes, earned over his 2 hours in server.

    In general, he likes to be a jackass over the mic - screaming, singing, yelling over folks etc. After several warnings, being asked to stop, etc, he decided to continue.

    At this time, I'd like to ask for a 3d mute.
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    Also he used hatespeech today after apparently being warned in the past.

    Not the worst person I've had to deal with on #2, but...that's saying very little.

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    Came in with a voice changer yesterday, after he was muted he started talking smack (to admins) in chat so I also gagged him. He then left and rejoined to avoid the gags. He was preemptively kicked by Gneo, and joined again. Gave him another chance once he turned off the voice changer. Despite being a bit of a dickwad, he was whiny at best. I did however get the feeling that he puts himself above the rules. 3d to 1w silence would get the message across.
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    I think 3 days is pretty minimal... if we're going to the trouble, i think a week is a good starting point, possibly shortening it if he comes here and apologizes.

    Mute in place, to be lifted on or before next tursday, September 17th
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    Alrighty, next step in escalation is a long term silence, likely a perma to be removed on acknowledgment.

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