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Thread: [NO ACTION Req.] STEAM_0:1:56477136 - Joker'sLittleBrother

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    [NO ACTION Req.] STEAM_0:1:56477136 - Joker'sLittleBrother

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    admin baiting, negative serve environment, non-play, name change around a gag
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    This CnD is more for documentation as action has already been taken - he earned himself a kick.

    The series of events as it transpired:

    Joker decided that he was just going to nonplay as the server was full. After reminding him of this, he continued and was moved to spec for it. He then decided to try to bait me and troll me hard in chat, for which he earned a gag that lasted until round end (about 10 minutes).

    he decided to continue into the next round, being a general asshat until Shas came in and told him in no uncertain terms to knock it off or get gagged. He continued, was gagged again (after continually asking to be kicked, etc), then proceeded to change his name AGAIN (to rude) after being gagged landing him his kick.

    Joker'sLittleBrother has continually tread the line of being an asshat in our servers and if this behavior continues, we might need to escalate further.
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    What was the no play issue?
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    I feel it necessary to note he's been a problem when I've played before as well, making an active effort to mimic Yippee&co. Nip this behavior before it grows.

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    Thank you for posting the CnD. I'll keep an eye out and we can move up the escalation tree if needed. If you see him breaking rules jump on top of him and punish the actions. He knows the rules.

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    He repeated his behavior again this evening, continuing to admin bait and changed his name after being gagged. I suggest at this point we escalate to a 3 day silence
    Yes, i'm that Andrew

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    Um. Andrew, why did you gag him? I saw nothing gag-worthy here:
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    It's more about taunting the admin corps than anything, but nothing I'd recommend a silence for.
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    Checked his recent chat history. I only see immaturity, but that's not against the rules. It seems to have stopped for the time being so I am content to call this a warning. It would be safe to assume that he understands that admin baiting is not ok.

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