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Thread: Team Interrobang Financial Report for December 2014

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    Team Interrobang Financial Report for December 2014

    Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Don't put off your homework. It just gets less and less fun to catch up on it later.

    December was a quiet month. We gained one monthly donor, and sold two reserved slots. Once again, donations did not quite meet expenses, so we used $73 of our reserves to cover the balance.

    Suscription donations: $185
    One-time donations: $10
    Interro-vault sales: $0
    Total income for December: $195
    Server costs: $256
    Paypal fees: $12
    Total expenses for December: $268
    Change to our Paypal balance: -$73
    End of month balance for December: $1,740

    Working on January now, expect another post shortly.
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