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Thread: Let's fix up TTT

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    They have tools to allow people to report a player if they're killed by a teammate/inno/Detective (or not if they believe it's justified). That helps a lot with getting both sides of the story, and not worrying about it being lost in text chat or muted by 10 people talking at once. They also have a tool that allows them to slay for 1+rounds. kicking works in TF2 because the rounds last way longer. Kicking doesn't work nearly as well in TTT since it's round based, and you only have 1 life per round. I've found that kicking should be left for mass RDMers. Those are two things that'd make admining our TTT server leagues better.

    There's also the variety of weapons and maps they have. It helps a lot to have reasonable variety, for sure.

    Biggest thing is that they take it more seriously. It's not a gamemode like TF2. It's one life a round. One person's mistake can turn the tide of the round, either by good play, or accidentally killing a teammate. taking it seriously is important. Having a well hashed out list of traitorous acts available on the MOTD helps with RDM complaints.
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    gl getting a bunch of people in
    most of the time their 5 servers are full

    they just don't take a lot of shit. a lot of stuff is considered rdm but they work off slays instead of HURP U RDMED LET'S WARN U THIS TIME BUT NEXT TIME UR KICKED/BANNED FOR X AMOUNT OF TIME.
    they do ban a lot too tho (i kno ti likes to ban uguu~)

    screenie of their rules

    they have a ton of t weps and a handful of d weps
    they have a kick ass point system and things are priced reasonably (unlike TI's old shop, everything was super cheap, lots of people owned everything in no time)
    pop ups when ur killed by an inno as an inno or killed by an inno as a t (same with d) so u can report said person immediately or just say "no they didn't rdm me" (also it tells u if the person u were killed by was inno/t)
    they go off damage logs and the player's word tho for rdm reports so sometimes they can be dumb/unfair

    BUUUUUTTTT biggest issue is an admin needs to usually be around or the server turns into poo
    without the slays to handle rdmers, they just keep going and don't get dealt with until an admin is on

    all around 10/10 environment with little bitching about rdm (unless u DAT guy)
    also sloppy AFFFFF summary.
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    Serious TTT is great. you have a "few" whiners about RDM, but thats usually because the rounds last so long and if they're guilty of true rdm they get slayed for a round and is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Princess of Sweden View Post
    they have a ton of t weps and a handful of d weps
    They also have some weapons for everyone as well, not just Ts/Ds. My personal favorite is the P90.
    "A man walks in to a bakery and tries a cookie. He finds them very delicious, and asks the owner, a fairly old and sweet woman, what her secret is. She responds with the sweetest face 'If I told you that, I'd have to gut you and leave you in a ditch.'"

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    For the "Serious TTT" issue:
    I like the idea of having a tool to report players for RDMing if you feel it is justified, as it makes for a smoother experience for all. Perhaps we can incorporate it into the batsignal IF NO ADMINS ARE PRESENT ON THE SERVER AT THE TIME, replacing the current batsignal system. The idea for replacing kicks for RDM infractions with slays is up for debate, but my personal opinion is that the system should stay as is. I'm strongly against the idea of having a voteslay option available for everyone, however. Being super srs/more heavy-handed with admining, in my opinion, isn't what our servers should stand for.

    As for adding/readding new weapons/maps, that is one of the purposes of this thread. I like the idea of adding more weapons for innocents, but in the case of the aug/ak47/famas/galil/p90, I'd rather only add one or two of those. I don't want to add the same weapon 5 times.

    On another note, I have created a draft of a balance changelog for various weapons/items that are currently on the server. Input on this would be nice. Keep in mind that I only started looking at editing lua code today, and may not be able to implement all of the following changes.

    The proposed changelog:
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    I thought slay for JAs in TTT has been discussed to death already, but I think the ability to report and queue slays for multiple rounds for offences would be useful.

    We definintely need to shake up the map rotation and some fresh weapons would always be nice.
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    We could use a "slay for next round" command, when someone RDMs, and continues to, then we can make them have a timeout and autoslay them or not spawn them at all when the next round starts.
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    1. I really do not think bringing back the point shop would be good in anyway.
    1a. Allowing people to use hats/skins that obscure/ change the location of hitboxes =/= okay
    1b. Inevitable addition of skins that cause certain problems on the server, or ones that load up with missing textures.

    2. New weapons, Traitor tools, Detective tools.
    I am on board for the addition of new weapons with different fire rates, damage, clip capacity, and recoil from the vanilla weapons. Also, new tools for the Detective/Traitor usually creates a wide range of killing methods that make being a T/D being that much more fun.

    3. Maps. We definitely need a large variety of maps, that, and we need to get rid of clue.

    4. Map/weapon nights. From everyone that I went to, they were fun, but the decisions that were made have turned out to be very bad. Half the players just voted for items that had a comedic value rather than something that was balanced. What I am really trying to say is to allow fun nights, but lets properly test out the items multiple times, not just in a mad dash to try everything and vote for a one-off experience.

    5. I really believe that we need a restructuring of the rules(clarification) and the abilities of admins. I know we've had discussions before about slaying, but it is really needed to keep the peace. I just don't see how kicking someone, adding to a tally that will automatically enact a 24 hour ban after 2 more offenses is better than putting someone in timeout for a round.

    @ Frank The galil was the only weapon that had any sort of balance in it. The AK47 had no ammo, and no damage output. The AUG had long range, high accuracy, and a highly damaging shot. The p90 shot fast, had a big clip, and did more damage than a mac10. The famas had no redeeming qualities, I cannot ever remember actually using it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0Bm3h View Post
    we need to get rid of clue.

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    The past few times clue has come on when I was on, the server goes from 15ish to about 6 ... It kills the server. It is also an overall bad map with terrible weapon spawns

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