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Thread: CSGO PC Build - Review for me?

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    CSGO PC Build - Review for me?

    Many of you know I play on a Mac....

    I can't stand getting 15-30 FPS anymore and so I have this build that I plan on buying (tonight if possible.)

    Could someone with more hardware knowledge review this and make sure I'm not making some huge mistake or missing out on some enhancement that I could/should be making. Trying to stay in the ballpark of the price listed on the build.


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    Do you have any more budget to spend on this? Stepping up to an i5 would be a big performance gain
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    How much of a difference would that be? Price wise I mean

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    About an addition $90 for double the performance overall. An i3 is really more for every day tasks like word processing and browsing the internet and general media. If you want to play games, get an i5.
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    If you dont mind paying a bit more here's one I made that's a much better bang for your buck:
    Source games such as CS:GO are CPU intensive so you'll want an i5. Also note you'll need a copy of Windows and a usb to install it.
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    Actually, I should have noted that I can't have any parts from Microcenter because I'm not driving to pick them up, I would like to be able to ship everything.

    Could I take the first build I posted and simply change to an i5? 750 is a bit much for me in the second build.
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