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Thread: Resigning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hero88go View Post
    As for CS:GO, there has been very very minimal activity on the server since I first launched it 2 months ago. But if you guys don't wanna axe it, GameFreak is a good nomination for official server runner person guy.
    Love you all <3
    The cs:go server is just kinda floating in the wind right now, Hero nominated me to take over and I'd be glad to do so unless you do wanna just drop it, but I would appreciate it if someone could get into contact with me so we could sort things out.
    Add me on Steam!

    Yahaha! You found me! Buh-bye!
    If you're reading this, I love you.

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    Never really got to know you, none the less I am sad to see you go.

    Good luck in all of your future endeavors!

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    Just because you don't play on servers actively as much, doesn't mean you're not part of the community anymore.

    You still got the forums, chat, and all that to work around. Doesn't take that much time out of your life to actively be in-touch with other members.

    But hey you were a swell guy. I'm not just saying that cause you were a Pyro main.

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