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Thread: Team Interrobang Financial Report for August, 2014

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    Team Interrobang Financial Report for August, 2014

    Whew! August was a busy month for Team Interrobang's finances!

    Last month had a mystery subscription donor -- that mystery was solved. But this month there's yet another mystery donor who did not include their STEAM ID or other identifying information. They donated $15 on August 4th. I sent an e-mail to the paypal address that was used, but got no reply. I'll send another one and continue making inquiries. Meanwhile, thank you, mystery donor! Your reserved slot time will not be reduced by the delay in figuring out who the heck you are!

    We said good-bye to two subscription donors, but gained another. Thank you to our past and current subscription donors! Your monthly contributions keep our finances stable.

    We sold a bunch of items from the Interrovault, turning previous item donations into CASH! Income from those sales totaled $105 for August.

    We got some income from the TI Dodgeball charity event (thank you!) and sold FIVE reserved slots, including to our mystery donor.

    By the numbers:

    Suscription donations: $165
    One-time donations: $115
    Interro-vault sales: $105
    Total income for August: $385
    Server costs: $256
    Paypal fees: $19
    Total expenses for August: $275
    Change to our Paypal balance: $110
    End of month balance: $1,975

    Once again, thanks to all our donors, big and small! We wouldn't be here without you.
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    I love the black.
    If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white.

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    Sweet Great month!

    Thanks Pants

    Stay thirsty my friends.

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    Thanks for the steady hand, Pants.

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