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Thread: November Sweepstakes Spectacular - Official Entry Thread

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    November Sweepstakes Spectacular - Official Entry Thread

    TI November Sweepstakes Spectacular - Entry thread!

    Please post your intent to enter here. It would be nice of you to include a link to your steam community profile, but not required.

    Non-entry posts will be removed!

    Suggested Entry Template:

    Steam Name: [!?] Rcraft
    Steam URL:
    GameME Stats:

    Thanks for participating and good luck!!

    Link back to official information thread:
    Last edited by Rcraft; October 29th, 2012, October 29th, 2012 at 05:02 PM.

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    Steam Name: allison
    Steam URL:
    GameME Stats:

    No point in anyone else entering, I'm gonna win ALL the prizes.

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    Steam Name: Physical {TI Or Die}
    Steam URL: Link
    GameME Stats: Link

    I'm gonna win this time! I can sense it!
    Last edited by Physical; October 29th, 2012, October 29th, 2012 at 05:30 PM. Reason: That picture was way bigger than I thought it was.

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    Steam Name: Pengin002
    Steam URL:
    GameME Stats:

    Something clever.
    the beef is marinated

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    Sure. I'd like to enter~ ^^

    Steam Name: Xem-bie of the Hill~♥
    Steam URL: Link
    GameME Stats: Link
    - "STRIP THE FLESH, SALT THE WOUNDS!" - Borderlands 1-2, Psycho Bandit
    "Strip the Cheese, Salt the dough." ~ [!?]Cruel - Pizza event

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    Awesome contest, good luck to everybody.

    Steam Name: ATCStewart
    Steam Profile

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    "A man walks in to a bakery and tries a cookie. He finds them very delicious, and asks the owner, a fairly old and sweet woman, what her secret is. She responds with the sweetest face 'If I told you that, I'd have to gut you and leave you in a ditch.'"

    A Story by me

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    In my earlier years, I was killed by a polar bear.

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