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Thread: November Sweepstakes Spectacular - Official Information Thread

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    November Sweepstakes Spectacular - Official Information Thread

    Announcing the...

    TI November Sweepstakes Spectacular!!

    Come one, come all! Here's the deal - play on Team Interrobang TF2 servers for a combined 20 hours during the month of November for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

    When: Starting November 1st, and ending November 30th.
    Where: All TI servers! (
    How do I enter?
    Accrue 20 hours on our servers and post in the entry thread on our forums here: P.S. - You can post before you get 20 hours, I will be checking that every entrant has gotten at least 20.

    ~Get a bonus entry by participating in the community! Details down below the rules.~


    What are the prizes?

    First, there are currently FOUR Grand Prizes:

    One lucky winner will receive a $25 Steam game of their choice! (Donated by the wonderful [!?] banks)

    Or they can select the ALL EXPENSES PAID MANN VS MACHINE VACATION! This package includes 12 Mann Co. Tickets so you and a friend can fight the robot armies for an entire campaign, and 12 Squad Surplus Vouchers to aid your efforts! (~$36 value!) (Donated by the wonderful [!?] MikeTSTL, [!?] Nighthawk, and [!?] Rcraft).

    A third winner will receive an ubertumbler! ( donated by the wonderful [!?] arcanus! (~$15 value).More GRAND PRIZES?!

    ATCStewart has also donated a copy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam Game as another Grand Prize!

    Yes, that’s right! If we reach 100 eligible participants, a super awesome MEDIC SET has been donated by the wonderful [!?] Cruel! This set includes a full strange weapon loadout, a Genuine Foppish Physician, and an unusual hat: Bubbling Ze Goggles! ( (Estimated set value $40).

    In addition, if we reach 150 eligible participants, a super-secret ADDITIONAL grand prize will be added!


    What else could you win?

    A number of lucky participants will get a prize from the GENERAL PRIZE POOL! Expect the contents of this assortment of items from refined metals, to craft hats, to keys and various cool weapons (exact prizes to be announced later in the month – minimum estimated value of each prize is 1-2 refined metals and up to 1-2 keys, and minimum number of prizes is 15)

    As more people enter the competition, expect the general prize pool’s size to grow as well!


    Now, the detailed rules:
    1. Breaking any of the rules is grounds for disqualification. Read them or refresh yourself here:
    2. Circumventing the AFKmanager, idling, or other methods of not contributing to the gameplay will disqualify you.
    3. One entry (and one account) per person. Having the same IP logged on multiple accounts is grounds for disqualification with the exception of pre-approved cases of family members and roommates.
    4. You must have an account on our forums that’s clearly linked to your in-game account.
    5. Prize drawing will be done by randomly assigning entrants numbers, and then drawing the winners using a random number generation program. It will probably be livestreamed and recorded for transparency.
    6. This is the 6th rule.
    7. Accruing 20 hours of playtime on our servers will grant you one (1) entry to both the general prize pool and Grand Prize pool. The bonus entry described below provides up to one additional entry to the Grand Prize pool only.
    8. Existing community members, TI admins, former members, and unaffiliated can all enter this contest alike. This is open to both free and premium players. Your Steam account must have been created before October 14th, 2012.
    9. Additional rules may be added at the discretion of the organizers and admins at any time.


    · First, you must fulfill the entry requirements through playing for 20 hours.
    · By participating in the forum community and making at least 50 posts on our forums, you will get an additional entry into the Grand Prize section of the pool.
    · Breaking our posting rules, spamming, and negatively contributing to discussions as determined by the discretion of our admins will disqualify your extra entry and may result in revoking your forum account and eligibility for the contest entirely.
    **For existing members with 50 posts already, I just ask that you continue to participate in the community and you will get a bonus entry, unless it is otherwise noticed that you aren't active!!

    ~Donations of items or other gifts for the prize pool are gladly accepted, and your will be credited with your donations in the information and prizes threads~


    Official list of current prizes:

    Grand Prizes:
    1. 12 Mann Up Tickets, 12 Surplus Vouchers (MikeTSTL, Nighthawk, Rcraft)
    2. $25 Steam Game (banks)
    3. Ubertumbler (arcanus)
    4. Conditional - Medic set + unusual hat (Cruel)
    ATCStewart - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Steam Game

    General Prizes Donated:
    (-TN-) burnfire88 - 3 keys
    Rcraft - Madame Dixie, package of cheap strange weapons, Carouser's Capotain, Strange Rainblower, Carbonado Stickybomb Launcher


    This thread will also act as an FAQ/Update board for official contest announcements.
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  2. 8 people say "thank you!" to Rcraft for this awesome post (hover to view who)

    ATCStewart (October 29th, 2012, October 29th, 2012),Cruel (November 6th, 2012, November 6th, 2012),Jaqen_Hghar (October 29th, 2012, October 29th, 2012),Pengin002 (November 7th, 2012, November 7th, 2012),Purple Weeaboo (November 6th, 2012, November 6th, 2012),StumpyTheRaccoon (November 11th, 2012, November 11th, 2012),VirginBride (November 2nd, 2012, November 2nd, 2012),What (October 31st, 2012, October 31st, 2012)

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    Feel free to post here with questions, comments, smack-talk, or whatever!

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    Awesome idea, can't wait to get started enjoying the servers AND potentially winning prizes at the same time!
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    YOU'RE ALL GOING DOWN. Down the mountain. To my cottage. For some tea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by booper_101 View Post
    YOU'RE ALL GOING DOWN. Down the mountain. To my cottage. For some tea.
    Earl Grey, Hot?

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    Reddit thread is up!

    (I'll try to post any relevant information/questions posted there back to this thread)

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    Ok, I created a new Reddit name and voted you up.

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    I love me some sweepstakes.

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    I'd love to get my first unusual. From just playing TF2 for 20 hours? Yes Please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by milk View Post
    I'd love to get my first unusual. From just playing TF2 for 20 hours? Yes Please!
    Yes, definitely!

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