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    I got TTT back up after updatemageddon, but there were casualties.

    Sourcebans, Sourcemod, and all /commands are gone.

    ULX works, though, so !kick, !mute, !gag should all work. !menu brings up the graphical menu.


    !mute = they can't type any more
    !gag = they can't voicechat any more

    Also, Fretta map-voting is gone. Not sure how we might be able to make ULX a replacement for it, so for now we're on a mapcycle (see the mapcycle thread).

    There will no doubt be bugs and problems. I did the best I could; Square will no doubt have lots of improvements to make when he gets back. I didn't even attempt to get pointshop working.
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    I don't see many issues then since those were the only 3 commands I really used, besides !bring, but Physical and a few other regulars figured out a work around for it.
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    If there are issues with the 3kick to ban implementation (If I recall, it didn't work when you tried to use the ULX commands for kicking someone), we may need to put those in manually for a short time.

    I believe that's what Pants meant when he said sourcebans are gone. I understand that as the auto ban karma cycle, and the three kicks /24 hr ban is gone as well. Yes/No?
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    Until the TTT server is back up to pace, would you be for or against tossing password protection on it and passing the PW out to regulars for the immediate future?
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    I think it's premature to password it. Let's see how it goes.

    We can also give JA's the ability to ban on TTT, if that winds up being necessary.

    FYI you can bind a key to "ulx menu" for fast access, e.g.:

    bind backspace "ulx menu"
    We do love our sourcemod plugins. The things we do not have without them are: [!?] tag protection, 3 kicks ban, unified bans with our tf2 servers, permamute, admin logging and reporting, and whatever else i'm forgetting.
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    I'll be working on tweaking the servers over the week.
    Plans include:
    Setting up sandbox to link to the Steam Workshop so that it'll automatically download and update specified items, including lost addons such as playX.
    Deleting one of our disabled instances and cleaning up the remaining one for testing and future events.
    Find workarounds for lost SM plugins.
    Updating the server documentation (thread about what we have on the server).
    More to come.

    Many thanks for handling this update, Pants, especially with the Halloween TF2 update following it.

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    I recently used the ulx kick to kick an RDMer, and then I got reports that the RDMer was banned. Not sure if it was karma ban or the kick I did (or if I entirely misread the command I did and it was a ban, but I swear I just kicked him).

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    You kicked him. He reconnected. RDMmed some more, and got karmabanned.

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    and three times the square root of four
    all over seven
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