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Thread: Post your ride

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    [!?] Patrix.EXE
    Here's my ride and it has 4400HP

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    Quote Originally Posted by [!?] Patrix.EXE View Post
    Here's my ride and it has 4400HP
    Diesel? Get with the program. Ride an electric.
    If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white.

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    [!?] Patrix.EXE
    Quote Originally Posted by VirginBride View Post
    Diesel? Get with the program. Ride an electric.

    It actually is a hybrid, where a dissel engine powers an electric engine.

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    Back from the dead cause I got a new car! 2017 Focus ST.

    Much like your mother, she's a hoot to be in.

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    the beef is marinated

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    BostonJake (April 29th, 2017, April 29th, 2017)

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    But is it as good as these hatchbacks?

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    It is! It's in the same class as hot hatchbacks. My dad actually got a GTI. Maybe I'll do a top gear style review.

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    the beef is marinated

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    Love the color Peng!

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