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Thread: How to Enable/Disable Pyrovision on any map (Even customs!)

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    How to Enable/Disable Pyrovision on any map (Even customs!)

    With the addition of the Pyromania Update, we got ourselves a snazzy new feature called Pyrovision. This gives certain Valve official maps characteristics to the map that make it very colorful/vibrant. But what if you enjoy equipping the Balloonicorn or the Goggles for the looks and not the side-effects? Or maybe when playing VSH you want to have a fist fight with Saxton while dancing around in a valley of gumdrops and sugarcanes? Well now you can~

    1. First off before rushing into this, here is the default Pyrovision map list:

    As you can see, the maps shown in this list will have their map textures altered to Pyrovision. So let's say you remove "ctf_2fort.bsp" from the list. That makes it so that 2fort will now have their original textures instead of the Pyrovision ones. Not to mention Its vice versa for maps that aren't in this list. So if you want to add say cp_granary, all you have to do it plop in "cp_granary.bsp" with the little "1" right after the name of the map. Or if you don't want Pyrovision at all, you can simply delete all the maps in the list (make sure to keep the brackets there). Now here's how to make your custom list.

    2. Open up your Notepad. Copy and paste the Pyrovision map list listed above. Add/remove any map names you want/don't want.

    3. After making your alterations to the list, save the file and name it "mtp".

    4. Now that you saved it, right click it and rename it to "mtp.cfg" file. This will convert it from a .txt file to a .cfg file. This is a very important step in the process.

    5. Now to add it into your TF2 files. Here is the location:
    Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Your Username/team fortress 2/tf/cfg
    And there you have it! Here are some pictures/videos showing off the alterations you can do to the maps.
    Pyrovision on a Custom Map:

    Sidenote: Sadly you won't be able to have the option to disable the baby voices/confetti blood and such even if the map doesn't have Pyrovision enabled on it. But hey, the baby sounds are adorable right?...Right?

    (Credits to this thread on the TF2 forums:
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    Oh my god, I love you. Now I can use pyrovision and scream with laughter everytime I die without getting a seizure.

    9:35 PM - Yippee: thank you nerdo and have a nice day
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    Wow, thanks a lot! I like having the option of turning it off while still having my trusty steed behind me

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    Sweet. I love Pyrovision but hate having to sack a misc. slot.

    ::has a hat problem::

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blunt View Post
    Oh my god, I love you. Now I can use pyrovision and scream with laughter everytime I die without getting a seizure.
    Going to try it out in a moment, if it works then thank you very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShasOFaiz View Post
    For some reason this trick isn't working for me. Doublecross and Turbine still look like their old selves.
    Doublecross and Turbine do not have pyromanic textures, as they're not "valve maps" or whathaveyou.
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    But that's exactly what this trick was supposed to fix, was it not? Even totally custom maps were altered by this, judging by the videos...

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