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Thread: TI Veterans League

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    Week 15 - CJ 18.20 active, McFad 12.90 benched Wallace 9.50 active - banks

    The trade ended up working out slightly better for me and helped me edge out a narrow victory over Skull. 5th place on the line this week for me....

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    Back to the finals and I'll be playing against my good friend.

    I found the key to success. Suck in the regular season, start to heat up near the end and then win the playoffs. Worked for the Kings and Galaxy.

    Now I'm going to do my best not to follow in the steps of the Texas Rangers and Huston Dynamo.

    For sure, in the next couple years, I'm going to try to not follow in the steps of the 1990's Buffalo Bills.

    Great regular season everyone! Was fun! See ya next year!

    - Banks and Platy, thanks for playing in my other league! Good luck in the finals, Platy.

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    Thanks for the invite cheap! I am winning this for you.

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    Congrats Cheap!

    Thanks most everyone for setting their rosters weekly, and staying involved. It was a tough year to get wins every week.


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