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Thread: TI Cat and Puppies Fanciers thread

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    TI Cat and Puppies Fanciers thread

    Welcome to the Team Interrobang Cat Fancier's thread. Post your own cat pictures, talk about the things you do, and even chat about advice and anything you want about cats.

    Pictures of silly cats and obese cats are encouraged.

    @Banks: Feel free to post your recipe's.

    If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white.

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    Nighthawk asked last week what breed my cat Dubbs was. All I knew was that he was a "domestic Longhair" from what my neighbor said. So after some research, I found out Dubbs is a Maine Coon.

    Aside from being a little undersized, 10 as opposed to 15-20 pounds, he fits the description to a T.

    Say Hello to Dubbs everyone.

    2012-04-07 13.10.12.jpg
    If you're out on your bike tonight, do wear white.

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    A dozen, a gross, and a score
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    I'm so happy this thread exists.
    I was actually contemplating making it myself if it didn't appear soon.

    Hi Dubbs! Such a beautiful cat.

    This is Olie. He is lovingly known as kitler #2.
    He loves to chase his own tail.

    This is Cloo, short for Clouseau. He is kitler #1.
    He has a very sweet tendency to stalk me everywhere I go in the house.

    They are brothers and I've had them for 2 years now and they are 3 years old.
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    Oh dear god. I love you VB for this thread. (I am also plotting to steal all your cats.)

    Shiver! (little martin, chivs, I call him basically anything.) He's approaching his 1st birthday this summer! He also LOVES water.

    Sullivan. She's 2 years old. (Those are nail caps on her to keep her from tearing stuff up. She doesn't mind them at all.)

    Black Jack! He's about 10 or 11, was declawed by his last owner, and is obese. :D

    Lee. He's about 4 or 5. Fluffy and fat. :D (only place he would let me take a picture.)

    Buddy! He's 2 or 3 and GIANT. Not like fat, but very tall and lean.

    Scooter. He's 7 or 8. I call him man face. He has such an awkward chin..

    Ask and you shall receive! Those are my babies! :D
    In my earlier years, I was killed by a polar bear.

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    This is Leonard and he's a rescue. They were just going to put him down so I adopted him.


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    This is my cat (Cindy) trying to fit into a bag because she just loves paper.

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    Caurso would also like to say hi to everyone.

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    Here is Diablo, he is a very fat, yellow, and lovable tabby cat.

    Here is Pumkin, the funniest little calico (and beautiful if I may add) that I have ever met.

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    My dear, beloved, sadly departed Ivan:

    Ivan 1999-2011

    My cranky old Sebastian cat, napping with me:

    Sebastian 2001-


    Detective 2011-
    (Detective's tail: 2011-2012)
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    A dozen, a gross, and a score
    and three times the square root of four
    all over seven
    plus five times eleven
    equals nine squared — and not a bit more!

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