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Thread: League of Legends

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    League of Legends

    Hey anyone else play this? I thought I would start a thread for people to post their names so that TI can play a few games with eachother. Mine is Aabuya.

    Hope to see some of you in Summoners Rift

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    Been meaning to make this thread. I'm Klempky on there as well; I'm only around level 11, but I play pretty consistently and well as Kayle or Brand.
    Ask me about the MLA.

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    tumlaven1 on there too i believe. Need to update for say two months worth of stuff. Friends left the game, lost most of my drive to play it. It was that or that fact that they made Ryze scale with mana rather than AP. Anyways I'm interested in the monkey king char they have out now, so may start again soon. Found out the student teacher for my Chinese class plays it as well. LoL
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    I've got an account for LoL as well, but I don't usually play unless it's against bots. I tend to play poorly against someone who can respond like a human. I've had about 3 matches against humans, I'm level 10 or 11, I think.

    But I wouldn't mind a couple in-house games. I'm fond of Ryze, Veigar, and Vayne.

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    Duh-Dayumn, Obi! Not even a month into being a member and you're already involved in an admin abuse complaint!

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    Aabuya is my level 30 but I have a level 10 named Aabuya1

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    Monkey God = lvl30 1431 rating last season
    Leonard Church = lvl 12
    Church2121 = level 5 (to help the new TI members that we started playing learn)

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    TheAncalagon - just turned lvl 30. I play a ton.

    Add meh!

    I'm pretty bad, but I can pubstomp people in lower levels pretty hard. I've got plenty of smurfs if someone wants to learn to play.

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    IGN: Lord Diesel

    Playing since Beta, hit me up if you want to play Dominion or something, mostly I just record matches now when I play.

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    I'm about lv 26 or so.
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    I play, but I'll hold off on posting my name. I'm going back to school on Sunday and will only have my laptop (a MacBook Pro) for games. Won't be able to play again until December.
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