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Thread: Server Connection Info

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    Server Connection Info

    At the present, TI hosts two Minecraft server. The survival server is split into four worlds. Before you join we ask that you read our rules. Thank you.

    This thread will be updated regularly with the current state of the servers for ease of access.

    Multiverse Server

    Want to look at the worlds from your browser? Click here!

    Anyone may join this server, but you must apply for Approved status here in order to build on specific worlds listed below.

    At present, this server contains 4 separate worlds accessible via the Multiverse plugin (Water portals at the Hub) you can get to the Hub by typing /spawn:

    1. Creative_2014:
    This world is for free building whatever you want.

    2. RPG_2014: This is a vanilla survival world enhanced with plugins to add many different aspects to the basic game. players can create towns and nations with others, level up skills, earn money, buy and sell items with others, and

    3. Survival_2014: The PvE server geared towards adventure and survival.

    How to join:

    Feed The Beast Server

    This server uses the FTB Launcher to play. currently we are using the Infinity 1.7.10 v1.10.1 mod pack.

    How to join:

    Finally, the majority of in-game communication happens on our TeamSpeak server.
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