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Thread: TI Minecraft Rules

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    TI Minecraft Rules

    I. This Minecraft server Team Interrobang server and as such upholds the same goals, values, and general admin responsibilities described here.

    II. Server Infractions

    The up-to-date server connection information can be found in this thread.


    Broadcast Abuse
    Definition: Text broadcasts, TS communication, or player skins that interfere with gameplay or the social environment of the server.
    Philosophy: Pursuing community is impossible in an environment that players consider hostile or where players are barred from meaningful participation. These conditions make enjoyment of the server difficult.
    Examples: Spamming the text chat with long text strings. Use of hatespeech. Graphic or otherwise offensive player skins.
    Exceptions: Topical conversation among players that is polite and appropriate is not abusive. Socially accepted terms for groups or attributes (the network TV standard) in and of themselves are not offensive content.
    Escalation: Warning - Kick - 1 Day Ban - 7+ Day Ban

    Definition: Using any kind of third party program to affect the game in a way not originally intended by Notch that enables the user to do things such as circumvent admin action, impersonate other players, destroy large quantities of land etc.
    Philosophy: Hacking provides for a very asymmetrical game experience which violates fairness and can cause issues with the server and the map itself.
    Example: Using any kind of program to auto-build, impersonate others, duplicate items, avoid admin action or otherwise cheat.
    Escalation: Permanent Ban

    Griefing - Major
    Definition: Destroying or setting traps to destroy partial or whole creations or their foundations.
    Philosophy: Players with the intent to damage and destroy the work of others are a purely negative presence on the server and put everyone's efforts at risk of destruction. There is a very low tolerance for griefing considering the large amount of time and energy that goes into building in Minecraft.
    Example: Placing a significant quantity of TNT inside a player's creation. Setting fire to a player's creation.
    Mitigating Factors: If the offender takes action to remedy the situation (immediately taking responsibility for the event, apologies, assisting in reconstruction, demenstration of competence afterwards, etc.) the punishment may be reduced to a timed ban at the discretion of the SAs.
    Escalation: 1 day+ - 7 day+ - 7 day++ up to a Permanent Ban

    Griefing - Minor
    Definition: Actions intended to harm or disrupt the server experience for any player or the community as a whole that have a less severe effect on player creations.
    Philosophy: Players who repeatedly take away from the overall positive server experience and annoy other players negatively impact the Minecraft experience and have no place on our servers.
    Example: Following behind a player and destroying blocks they place. Stealing from chests that do not belong to you (this includes duplicating items found in chests). Intentionally killing other players in non-PvP zones.
    Escalation: Warning - 1 day - 7 day

    III. Adminship

    1. Any Team Interrobang member is entitled to Junior Admin status on the server, which grants access to the commands listed here as well as the ability to vote in approval request threads in this subforum.

    2. Admins are responsible for their votes; only vote for those that you fully trust to behave on the server by posting a in their thread. If a member repeatedly plus-ones non-members who grief/break rules, their voting privileges are subject to suspension at the discretion of the SAs. Alternatively, if an admin feels strongly against an applicant they may the thread.

    IV. Approved Status

    1. If you are a non-member wishing to build on the Multiverse server, you must be granted 'Approved' status. In order to do that, you must apply here and net three positive votes from TI members in a minimum of 4 days after the date of posting. This post should include a bit about who you are, your steam ID, your experience with TI and what you can bring to the community. If you feel that you aren't familiar with enough TI members, stop by our TeamSpeak server and talk to us (most of us are there when we're online).

    If an application receives six s, instant approval will be granted. An application that does not meet the voting threshold after 28 days will be retired.

    2. If you are a TI member in need of JA powers, make a thread in the aforementioned subforum with your request or contact an SA.

    V. Cross-game Penalties

    1. Minecraft, Gmod, and TF2 bans will be synced to the extent reasonable. If someone known to play TF2 or gmod receives a ban, they will be banned in Minecraft and vice versa if the player is known to play both.
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    Re:TI Minecraft Rules

    I've modified sections I and II to reflect the recent addition of a PvP server. I've also clarified who is allowed to vouch for whitelist applicants.
    why'd the spy cross the road?
    he never really was on your side...

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