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Frank Reviews: Ore Monogatari!!
by The Frank Furterz
Reviewed on Wed, 09/23/2015 - 20:07pm
The Frank Furterz Total Reviews: 3
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Can Gorillas Find True Love?
You know, I really shouldn't like this show. I tend to steer clear of the romance genre due to its contents being ridiculously predictable, and that I never really feel a deep connection to the characters to care about them when things inevitably attempt to get heavy. There has only been one show that has actually made me cry, and it surely was not this one. However, even though Ore Monogatari!! is as predictable as a Romantic Comedy can get, I found myself grinning and chuckling to myself as I watched it, not sobbing and crying when "HE MIGHT NOT LOVE ME". That smiling can be attributed to its great character design.

The story of Ore Monogatari!!, or as I call it, Magilla Gorilla, isn't anything extraordinary. Heck, its translated title is My Love Story!!, which in itself doesn't do a good job in selling the show as anything unique. The show follows our protagonist, Gouda Takeo, and a girl, Yamato Rinko, as they get in a relationship and do various things together. These situations are mostly ordinary, ranging from going to the mountains to another girl attempting to steal our protagonist away. I'll be honest, I'm pretty biased against this.
I generally don't get touched significantly by any sort of emotional manipulation, so when plot points like the ones generalized in the spoiler tags happen I tend to roll my eyes. The dialogue isn't very well written either, with most phrases being general fluff or otherwise a restatement of something else. Again, this isn't the sort of thing I tend to enjoy, so judge me how you must.

Even though I don't like how the general outline for Magilla Gorilla is set up, I can't bring myself to hate this show. The story is one of the two main things I look for in a show, the other being characters. And boy oh boy, do the pros of the characters outweigh the cons of the rest of the story. I call this show Magilla Gorilla because THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A MONSTER, in physical form, that is. He fits the character type of the "gentle giant", a very manly man who is righteous in all his doings. He's also absolutely hilarious to watch, making some of the best faces of any character ever. Magilla is complemented well by his girlfriend, Yamato, a tiny girl who is as cute as a doll and generally adorable in every respect. It is through these two that the show makes me smile and enjoy the mushy parts just a bit. There's also Sunakawa, Magilla's best bud who sticks with him through the thick and thin. He's a genuinely nice guy who evokes some of the "pretty boy" thing that may attract some viewers. I couldn't find myself disliking any of the supporting cast, which is something rare for any show. Even the douche that gets introduced near the end becomes likable enough by the time his story ends.

Everything else
The animation is pretty good but not worthy of extreme reverence. It is because of this animation which allows Magilla to make so many hilarious faces and allows Yamato to look so adorable. The voice acting for Yamato also makes her more lovable (At least in the Japanese version, at the time of this writing there is no english dub that I know of). The opening and ending sequences are animated nicely and have some catchy tunes as well.

If you're a fan of the romance genre and don't want things to be sad all the time, you'll definitely like this show. Even if you're like me and don't like the genre very much, it won't hurt to give it a shot. Magilla Gorilla is a great example, at least in my opinion, of how a show's characters are the driving force of the show, even if in a mediocre plot.
Positive points
Negative points
  • Rest of the characters are really good
  • OP/ED are decent
  • It's all mushy if you're into that kind of thing
  • Dialogue is pretty repetitive/dumb
  • Situations are pretty cliche
  • Spoiler Alert: The show that made me cry was Sakurasou
The Frank Furterz
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