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Mario and Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story
by Sally The Shygal
Reviewed on Sat, 09/05/2015 - 17:10pm
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Nostalga A la max
This game.. This game! Where do I begin!? It may not hold a lot of value to people but this game is basically how I got back to gaming, I was 12 years old when this masterpiece came out and I mainly just focused on school and such. So then one day walking through a mall I see a gamestop so I go inside thinking "Eh, won't hurt to look" and I go in and see a poster of some giant, yellow, Badass, flaming hair, huge turtle monster and I'm like "How much is that game". So I come back home and sit down thinking "How am I gona play this..." my dad comes out so see me and says "I found your old DS Sally!" Quite ironic. So I get to playing. Its funny, its fun its just.. I feel the only way I'll be able to shorten this is just explain the bosses..

So The first "boss" is the tutorial Bowser, I mean, toadsworth will explain what to do and such, but it plays the regular non boss music so not much of a boss..

Second "Boss" is Midbus, which is a pun of Mid-boss. Midbus is Fawful's Pig.. Porcupine.. Bowser Clone? and Fawful is kinda.. Anti helpful to mMdbus durring this, explain when Bowser should guard and punch, and so forth.

So the third and second to last "Boss" is Broque Monsieur. he explains how to use one of Bowser's new abilities and a key function in fighting in this game: Vacuum!, When you use vacuum in battle you will enhale vacuumable things, vacuuming things have multiple effects, sometimes you eat them, sometimes Mario and Luigi fight them.

So the first real boss is the Stone Blooper. It uses the vacuum block you get from the last fight as its somewhat gimmick So Basically the fight is this, Vacuum, Mario and Luigi stomp on it, Bowser exhales it and punches it, Fin.

I may update this if possible but this is all the time my hands want to give.

Positive points
Negative points
  • Badass Good Music All around amazing
  • Bowser keeps his suction ability in the next game resulting in a very very hard fight.
Sally The Shygal
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Publisher: Nitendo, Alpha Dream
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Release Date: September 14th 2009
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