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    fiery furry
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    joining the pARTY
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    here's another
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    so here's a comment
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    >greentexting on
    do you even 5chin
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  8. heh a steam guide has one of my videos in it
    i feel special
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    too read didnt long
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July 23, 1999 (20)
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a wild heh appears
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My name is fiery.
I am bad at the video games.


fucking shit i haven't used forums since 2014 what is this


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a wild heh appears
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My name is fiery.
I am bad at the video games.
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by fieryrage on January 24th, 2015, January 24th, 2015 at 02:08 PM
I figured I might as well post this for those that are wondering (if anyone is) why I'm absent from the servers nowadays.
Well, to put it short: I left TI. I'm probably not going to come back for a while, if at all. You might find me browsing the forums every now and then, but that's all I'm ever going to be doing.
For those wondering why I removed them from my friends list, it's probably because I haven't talked to you that much. Don't hesitate to re-add me, but I'm warning you, I

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Updated January 24th, 2015, January 24th, 2015 at 11:17 PM by Pants


actually somewhat afk for few weeks

by fieryrage on November 6th, 2014, November 6th, 2014 at 02:53 PM
So, the therapy program that I was talking about started this week. Just throwing out that I'm going to cut down my playtime on TI servers (and video games in general).

The program ends in eight weeks, so expect me to be a bit more active then.

Thanks for the support, guys.

Updated November 6th, 2014, November 6th, 2014 at 02:56 PM by Pants


Little update again.

by fieryrage on October 4th, 2014, October 4th, 2014 at 02:06 PM
So, as many of you have noticed, I've been down in the dumps again for the past couple of days. I'm not going to explain why for the sake of privacy.

I was planning on going to DBT at a local program at my hospital called ASPIRE, but that fell flat on its face since we called them, like, 3 days ago and they haven't responded at all. EDIT: They called back today. Doesn't sound like the right program for me, so I'm seeing if I can find an alternative.

So, I started thinking.

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Updated October 6th, 2014, October 6th, 2014 at 01:45 PM by fieryrage (edits I think)


life update whooooooAH

by fieryrage on September 26th, 2014, September 26th, 2014 at 01:11 PM
So, my life got into shape a lot faster than I actually thought. Which is no surprise, because it's done this before every time I've had a presentation that's late. Oh, yeah, the entire situation last week/two weeks ago was because of a presentation in English class which I finished up on Tuesday night, literally five hours after I posted the "temporary break" thing.

So, expect me to be online on TF2 now. I am going to try reducing the time I spend on videogaming, though,

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Updated October 1st, 2014, October 1st, 2014 at 11:17 PM by fieryrage (I also need to stop stating false promises. Like, damn, that's the fifth time I've done that.)


creative titles with fiery 101

by fieryrage on August 17th, 2014, August 17th, 2014 at 01:39 AM

Let me go ahead and start off by saying if you came here for Happy Fiery Fun Time Part 6, you're not going to find it here. I'm being serious (kind of, at least) right now, and I really don't know where the hell else to put this sort of information.

So with that being said, I might as well start.

As many of you know (mainly admins), I've been going through what is probably the toughest time in my life. Forget that old "I couldn't get into the sandbox

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Updated August 17th, 2014, August 17th, 2014 at 01:43 AM by fieryrage (I seriously hope this doesn't cause a shitstorm.)


Awards Showcase - 7 Awards

Icon Description
Afterlife Reject Name: Afterlife Reject
Die a total of 75,000 times on our servers.
Issue time: September 5th, 2014, September 5th, 2014, 01:19 AM
Issue reason: good shot mate
InterrOlympics 2014 - Bronze Name: InterrOlympics 2014 - Bronze
Their nation won the bronze medal for the 2014 InterrOlympics.
Issue time: April 21st, 2014, April 21st, 2014, 11:16 PM
Issue reason:
Event-ee Name: Event-ee
Run a single community event
Issue time: April 20th, 2014, April 20th, 2014, 10:52 PM
Issue reason: Done
Heavyweight Champ Name: Heavyweight Champ
Managed to use bare hands to best all other opponents in the ring.
Issue time: March 28th, 2014, March 28th, 2014, 11:20 PM
Issue reason:!-Interroweek-Edition&p=455453&viewfull=1#post455453
Hacker Obsessor Name: Hacker Obsessor
Post complete C&D threads that lead to the banning of at least thirty hackers.
Issue time: March 8th, 2014, March 8th, 2014, 04:09 PM
Issue reason:!-Hacker-Obsessor
InterroVault 3 Name: InterroVault 3
Donate $30 worth of items to the InterroVault.
Issue time: January 2nd, 2014, January 2nd, 2014, 01:45 PM
Issue reason: Might as well get this out of the way.

Donated 11.98 (according to Google) refined to InterroVault ( a few weeks ago. Also donated 15.48 refined to InterroVault ( on July 29.
Life of the Party Name: Life of the Party
Participate in thirty community events.
Issue time: January 2nd, 2014, January 2nd, 2014, 12:44 PM
Issue reason: I can’t think of a witty quote to put here.

Previous 21 events I attended (the thread states 20, but the forum contest Booper made for Halloween is now over):!-Partygoer

The next 9 events I ’d to (and attended):