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  • Jaqen_Hghar

    by Published on June 16th, 2014, June 16th, 2014 11:09 PM
    Article Preview

    So... unfortunately this Spotlight was actually meant to be done about five months go. I kept the poor guy waiting on this for so long I'm surprised we ever actually got it done. So without further adieu, I give you International Global Interdimensional Universal Wasabi.

    Okay, name? Feel free to not if you'd prefer to keep it to yourself, of course.

    I'm Universal Wasabi, I'd prefer not to reveal my real name.

    Perfectly understandable. So let's focus on that name instead. Why “Universal Wasabi?"

    Universal Wasabi was a name that I came up with to replace my generic Steam name (Normal2600) back some... 3 years ago...? Anyways, I can still remember how I came up with it, I was laying around, thinking of some creative name to have, because most of the TI community had reallllly creative names (What, Eurtek, Tumlaven, etc.) But in all honestly, the name is the result of a funny word (Wasabi), and some adjective to add to it's comical nature to say, thus: Universal Wasabi.
    And also, fun fact: When I first had the name, it was spelled wrong for a few weeks as "Universal Wassabi".

    Oh that is beautiful. It certainly does stand out. So since you mentioned this going back at least three years, how long would you say you've been with TI?

    I've been an active pubber with Team Interrobang for almost three years now. I started playing on TF2 servers in July 2011, and joined the forums in October 2011. So a pretty long time.

    Very nice. Got a favorite server? Or at least one that you're a regular on?

    My favorite server was split between 2Fort, Turbine, and TTT. I've recently been playing on the Feed the Beast server, which has also been very fun!

    Ah yes, the usual suspects... plus FtB. So let's see here, one thing I would like to know is how feel you fit into the community. How have you contributed to the fun and insanity of Team Interrobang?

    Well, I've done made some contributions to TI by hosting some events ranging from GMod Gamemodes, such as TTT Silly Nights, Custom Nights, and GarryWare. I do believe that my biggest project was the idea of T-Battles, an event that I used to do which was essentially fort wars in Terraria, and I am looking forward to having another one soon! When it comes to "fitting in", it's a bit of a odd question to me, I like talking to everyone on the team, it's especially fun to connect with people who have the same interests in real life, or just same video game interests. But to answer your question, I've been around for some time, so I'm recognized by a majority of the Team, and it's always nice to meet new admins and pubbers, as well.

    That's perfect. Essentially, since you are a "Recognized Pubber" ...
    by Published on January 6th, 2014, January 6th, 2014 11:15 AM

    I meant to have one of these up on Christmas... Then on New Years... Then I just decided, "Screw it, I'll make one eventually!" So, now that it's eventually, have a new Member Spotlight! This time around, it is fixed on a Junior Admin with a delightfully salacious personality and a telescope!
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________

    Well then, lets get started shall we?

    Certainly. ;)

    I'll get the oil, you just lie down and relax.

    Haha, classy... So, name?


    And how long have you been a member of the team, Mr.... Cruel?

    I became a member about a year ago. If I recall correctly, August of 2012.
    So when did you become so sexy?

    I'd like to imagine I was always this way, but to be ...
    by Published on December 10th, 2013, December 10th, 2013 02:46 PM
    Article Preview

    Ok! Let's see here. Would you like to state your name for the audience? You of course don't have to if you don't want.

    I'd rather not at this time.”

    Booper it is then!


    Ok so, Booper, if I may call you Booper. How did you wind up finding Team Interrobang?

    I found the servers when I was browsing around for my favourite gamemode, which was KOTH; and at the time, our KOTH server was #11. Found some swell guys there. Cam, Mort, Fatmarik and others. I think Licksee was there.

    Sounds about right. Those maps get you in, but the people on them keep you around.


    So I assume you just kept coming back after that and the rest is history?

    Exactly. found the turdbine server where I met NightHawk eventually and they led me to Prophunt and Wacky Races where I met Jorgan.

    Some of the same ones that brought me in ironically enough.

    Hahaha, really?

    TI seemed to be the only ones hosting them with decent people on the servers.

    How about the forums? We seem to get a lot of people who play the servers but avoid the forums at all cost. Did you take to them right away or just kind of lurk around for while?

    I took to them right when I found out about them. The funny thing is, I didn't find the forums until like a couple of months of being hooked during August. I hadn't been to the forums until after I joined; others were harassing me to join.

    Haha, yeah that sounds about right.

    Well, either way, you certainly have quite the presence on them now. I notice you do quite a bit of artwork for all manner of things... care to talk about that at all? What got you into drawing, comics, art, that sort of thing?

    What got me into drawing? Hmmm... well when I was in kindergarten I really liked to draw and my mom was quite the artist. I always got super mad when drawing though, because it would never come out right. Man, I really appreciate all that practice now though! What really got me to keep going was me wanting to impress people. I know, totally shallow reason, but then I started wanting to make people happier, and that's actually why I want to become an animator! To tell a story and have fun!

    I'd say its working, people love the stuff you've shown on the forums. You have a very distinct style, especially with your characters. Its a really refreshing art style to come across.

    Hah, thanks. I'm glad you ...