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Odd Musings: The Sound of My Own Voice

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Hello again everyone! Tonight's topic will be a little short, but it will higlight something important that I believe this blog needs. I will try to work out a schedule of making at least one blog post every week, Friday being the day of posting. I will probably do other ones, but in order to keep folks interested, I wanted to set a definite timeframe to garner that reader loyalty I so envy.
On to the main topic; it's another announcement! Well, it is actually a sort of test. Not for you of course, but for myself. I have a lot of ideas for game concepts and story concepts that I can never bring myself to right down on paper. Most of the time I simply talk to myself, out-loud, about how such things would play out if I wanted to bring them to some sort of production later in life. The issue with writing them, or even typing, is that my brain moves faster than my inferior recording methods can keep up with. I hate having to linger on a thought will my fingers play catch up, so I have decided to go with a sort of audio journal to record my thoughts whenever I feel like talking to myself for an hour.


The benefits of this age include the power of convenience that techonology has brought us. We can perform tasks efficiently, and we have broader capabilities with these wonderful computers and laptops that allow us to frag eachothe for hours on end. So this weekend, I will finish my test for my Microsoft Office course I am taking, and then give this a try. If you guys would like, I can publish the recordings somewhere. My mother has told me that it is entertaining, but impishly so. Still, I like the thought of having my ramblings go towards entertaining someone, having some purpose, as apposed to stacking up in the back of the storage closet in my brain.

Thanks for reading,
P.S.: I would also appreciate some notes on how I might be able to improve my Musings blog, so please leave any suggestions in the comments! It owuld mean a lot to me.


  1. Oddgo's Avatar
    Preemptivly, I would like to say that spell-checking is something I need to give a bit more effort towards.
  2. Pixels's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to your blogs.
    Try dedicating each of said blogs to a different topic, don't discuss the same topic every single Friday.
  3. Vulture's Avatar
    i would suggest, time willing, you do something with your ideas. really, everyone in the world has great ideas. the only thing that separates the geniuses from the mass of others, is action.

    go to any game studio, anywhere on the planet and it is staffed full of people filled with "good ideas," who are surrounded in their lives with people with good ideas. there is no shortage of good ideas out there, but of time and will. that's the valuable commodity today, time and will, not ideas.

    recording them will only be useful, if you do something with it later. otherwise it's just air vibrations measured with a magnet. get out there and write scripts, learn programming/art, pitch ideas, work on game mods, test games, write for classes/groups etc...

    as for the blog, i would like to see a blog about the DEVELOPMENT of a single idea over a long period of time, rather than several disparate and surface shine only subjects. blog about a game you are actively trying to make, from concept to code.