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So during the last field trip, we took a round by The Legion TF2 server. We've visited them a few times in the past. However, in talking with them, their members were a worried that their server was going to be shut down because it wasn't very active and their members couldn't get people to regularly play on it. Being the asshole that I am, I decided to follow up on it to show how kick ass TI is.

Last night I went over to their server and was soon joined by their "General of the Army :: Head of the High Council" WhiteCastle. We chatted it up and he's pretty cool. And he was most happy to see a server fill to the brim with [!?] EVERYWHERE. He had to admit, the High Council was going to find it very hard to justify closing their TF2 server now.

And in being frank with him, I told him if they do close it down, to send his TF2 people over to our servers. He didn't seem to hate the plan. They seem to have similar values as us. More to come as the days go on.


  1. Vulture's Avatar
    sad to hear a sister community to ours having troubles, especially with them holding similar values. :(

    hopefully they can pull it together. mayb they can pay for ti services as server-insemenators. ti, as genetic material donors, for a price. mercenary server woumb-raiders. or just as consultants. we could write the book on how to "not suck" and give them the first printings. autographed by apollo's chin.

    any of the above would be better for the whole of the tf2 community i would think, then to take on their refugees. we could give them their own server. server 9. sort of like district 9, but with less cat food.
  2. impulsenine's Avatar
    Oh Vulture, I love you so.
  3. arcanus's Avatar
    I don't think we'll repeat the mistake of :D this time. In fact, I've created a macro to remind us.
    Updated April 11th, 2011, April 11th, 2011 at 02:30 AM by arcanus