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Returned of the deranged lunatic

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Anyone familiar with my blogs know that much of what I type can be confusing, rather wordy or both. At this point, with the passing of my Writing and English classes, and an astounding amount of experience on how to increase the effectiveness of my writing skills: I can work on my wordiness but I can't help you with the confusing parts. :I I'll do my best to make them as coherent and legible as possible. All I can ask from you now is your patience while I recite the Declaration of Independence.

So, with the Fall quarter done and the classes I passed during that time, I should have till Jan. 4th to help out with administrating duties. (Though I feel as though I haven't contributed much, given my absence, my scarce presence on the forums every now and then, and the fact that I rarely visited our dying TF2 servers on two or three occasions; feels as though I could have done more, but I am aware of our situation regarding Team Fortress 2 and how were looking into coping with some changes around here.)

So, I'm going to get this out of the way and put things within my own perspectives, as I think I may have spoken about it either once or twice:

I love Team Fortress 2 (Even if I never got that Unusual Texas Ten gallon I hoped for, which was the prime motive for me playing), I'm not all to happy with Valve's decisions and the changes that they made to Team Fortress 2, not to mention the spaghetti coding they leave in their own game and the bugs & visual glitches that haven't gotten touched on.

Right now I'm preaching to the choir and I could sound condescending-- For the former: I don't care. The latter: Each individual person who can notice these things that didn't get straighten out can both offer genuine constructive criticism and be ready to unbiasedly call out someone or something on their bullshit without being an asshole. Valve likely has their priorities where they think they need it and maybe what their working on next to could help them to make bank-- but I don't appreciate how some companies can turn a great/good game and milk those teets into little black stalactites for the sake of money, probably cause they need the money to continue with other projects, but then again they could have made some other game to do that for them (assuming it hits hard and the people go fanatical for it).

You would think by now that Valve would have given their I.P. over to someone else who could properly give Team Fortress 2 some proper updates-- and work out that mentioned mix of code that was likely added in by some people Valve hired only for a short time to make these changes/additions, something like mixed code probably contributes to the performance and various glitches we still see today. They could at least come back long enough to work enough of those kinks out before doing their projects, but I'm not their director, I would still sound like a condescending asshole if I were to talk to them in the same way your reading it right now and I'd either be banned or have a restraining order held against me. Likely because I don't work for them, and I don't know every single things that goes on in their studio that would encourage them or bring them down as they develop the next title.

-exhales- ... With that out of my system. I think it would be petty of my to continue playing TF2 for a hat I'm never going to get, and I should play the game more for the fun-- rather than for a cosmetic. I met some great people here and they are around, and have me some wonderful stuff. But maybe I obsessed over a hat too much as my motive to play, and I forget the experience and skill I acquired over the course of time that helped me to become a better player. I could still go into any server right now and I'd play it like I normally would.

With that, I did get a 3DS and Pok'emon: Moon. Anyone will to add me, just let me know (And help me evolve my Kadabra to Alakazam, please. :3 )

God bless and cheers,



  1. Bluedude303's Avatar
    Welcome back Xem! I'm so happy to hear you passed your classes and I wish you continuing success.
  2. Xemgoa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bluedude303
    Welcome back Xem! I'm so happy to hear you passed your classes and I wish you continuing success.
    Danke scheine! <3