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Update on my Life Situation. HINT: It's not involving daisy pushing.

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Hello everyone, I'm pretty my dead silence (pun), has been quite deafening for quite some timel has passed since my last blog updated my situation at the time. Also the reason why I am making this blog due to me chatting with Xemgoa quite recently, and I have heard some of you folks may have assumed that I became a permanent part of the Underground Poker Team. I assure you, I have not.

On the other hand, I actually do have some news that is actually looking good. Like, might be advantageous for me. But before I go into that, I'm just gonna right into the meat of my situation since last update.

Last update happened to be be in April 2015.

---Updates on Updates---

#1 College has been postponed for the time being

My college career, let just say is gonna be on hold for a bit. Due to my progress, I have to put my college on hold. There is a reason I stopped, but it's nothing bad I assure. In the meantime, since I'm NOT going to college, I been working! (Yay!!!). Yes, yes I been slaving doing my part of society by being employed by a notable supermarket that everyone could take a guess on. Anyways, I been making money to support myself (more on that in a little bit!), just to keep myself busy at this time. So this whole me not being around is me being focused on working.

#2 Internet 2: The Electric Boogaloo

Internet! The main reason why I still haven't returned. (And if you're wondering how I'm doing this, my phone's internet) Believe it or not, I since did get a job, getting internet back was one of my priorities. Unfortunately, it didn't go thru at all. It started well at one point though, I called one of the available companies that can setup internet at my location, and everything was going well. Except when they came to do a site survery (just to see if I have a clear connection between my former location [more on that in a bit] and their dish, and what ended up happening is that my neighbor's tree happened TO BE IN THE FREAKING WAY. Because of this, site survey results would have to either A. Installing something obtrusive and may cost little more or B. Ask my neighbor the awkward question of trimming some tree branches in order to have a clear signal. I was forced to stop with this company.

Next up, I called the last available company willing to work in the area. It was going well, but it went south. Not even a site survey even occured. I ended up mentioning a little detail that I live on rented property, and the company didn't want to continue till we get my landlady's permission. Since I didn't want to disturb my elderly landlady for confirming the go ahead for internet, I just stopped altogether with internet, and just went back to focusing on my job, and paying other bills that had come up.

Sometimes, I blame luck on this, but digressing of course.


Nothing has changed

And just like that, I get to talk about my current updates now!

---Updates on Current Situation---

#1 I'm moving from my location!

Since I been making cash from my job, the idea of me moving from my place would eventually come up. Few months ago, I had the opportunity of moving out, and I took it. Things are about to change in my favor from the looks of things; since I'm about to moving to a different residence, I'll be closer to my job, and I have an easier time installing internet.

Yes. you heard that right, I'll be getting internet back.

As it stands, I'm for sure to be guaranteed internet without any form of setbacks, and for that, my return to TF2 and TI is going to be happening. Of course, I still need to get the setup started, since I been busy of course. In the meantime, I can assure you folks, I will be returning (as long I'm off at least).

Besides internet being a given, I'm looking absolutely forward to actually moving out. I mean, it's going to be the first time I can actually be independent for myself. It's gonna be exciting that's for sure.

#2 Miscellaneous Crap!

Since I pretty much detailed my current situation...I guess put some random crap here.
I been playing alot of YuGiOh as of lately, addicted in fact. I blame my IRL friends on this. IF by any chance any of you folks use YGOPRO, DevPro, or use Duelist Network, I'll be more than welcomed to duel ya. (As long I'm not busy at work, and have to move out first)

Well, hopefully you folks have read through this blog somewhat. I know I been gone, but like I said before, circumstances have been screwing me over. On the other hand, things maybe changing for the best as well. Who knows what my life has in store for me.

Anyways, like I said before, I miss playing TF2 and hanging out with TI like I used to back when I was regular. Hopefully things go well that I can come back without setbacks.

Still missing ya folks,


  1. Xemgoa's Avatar
    Heh! Good to see you are back, Blue! <3