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Where I've been

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I just kinda suddenly disappeared and while i am not super well known or liked there is like 3 of you who wondered where I poofed too XD I stopped playing TF2 because I got more active in a BDSM group and a bunch of things of that nature I won't bore you with here and while I had some free time there were a few people on the TI servers that pushed my stress levels to maximum and just didn't want to deal with that. I have no clue how often I'll play (from what I've seen the servers haven't been really busy anyway) but I hope to be at least a little more active in chat like i was and maybe even on the forums

Updated April 17th, 2016, April 17th, 2016 at 09:57 PM by smb?Yaoi?Yuki???



  1. Renegade42's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are doing well for yourself and found something you like. I'm not sure if I among those that you knew well but I do remember you being around every so often in the past. Anyways, thanks for letting TI people know that you are around doing stuff. (you did lose me at BDSM, but eh, who am I to judge?)
  2. Dr.Butterscotch's Avatar
    you what
  3. BostonJake's Avatar
    Welcome back! I was there when you said things the other day.
  4. AFKristmas's Avatar
    Not liked? Lunacy! Glad to hear form ya, Yuki. Whip someone extra hard for me.