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The Mad Cellist

He lives!

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Heyo, it's been awhile.

I'm sure maybe one or two of you was wondering where I disappeared to, so allow me to clarify.

1.) I've spent the last semester knees deep in a work hole of my own creation. Procrastination is one hell of a drug, and I'm addicted. That being said, I've just about dug myself out.

2.) I took up a job running the kitchens in our dining center, taking even more of my time. Keeping 3000 students fed is not an easy task.

3.) I've experienced something of a spiritual awakening towards Zen Buddhism, and my spare time has been spent exploring that road.

Not much of an update, I know, but do know this; I am not dead, and will be trying to return to active play before long.

- The Stark-Raving, Pants-On-Head Insane Strings Enthuiast,
The Mad Cellist


  1. Razputin's Avatar
  2. Fysh's Avatar
    Glad to see you again!
  3. Jay Q's Avatar
    ayyyy cool to meetcha long lost person