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Good Lord, where is thine salt!?

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Good evening, everyone!

Sorry if I haven't been admining a whole lot. There were several games that had kept me occupied while I have been working on securing a job and working on my education.

So, by the upcoming June 4th will be my CASAS test and I'll be taking the entire summer quarter off since they won't give me anything that will counts towards earning my High school diploma. All that would be the quarter is nothing but practice packets.


So, I figured I'd sign up for the fall quarter ahead of time and try to stay out of the heat. I suffered from heat strokes since I was a kid, I am not going out there during the day for the rest of summer.

What have I learned over the course of time I had spent there? That I missed out on a lot of things I could be learning, while I was trying to be a class clown 'finding my place in this world'.

Arithmetic is still a jackass. Ratios, percents, rates... Good Lord. Math. Does. Not. Need. To. Be. That. Complex!! Just give me a 2+2 = 4 problem and hand me that diploma!

Also... getting back to Borderlands 2 has been a blast, and I have gained interest in the game called Payday 2.

So to end this off, not much exciting about me or this blog. Thanks for sticking around and reading this if you get this message.

God bless and take care.

Stripping your fleshes,