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A Psycho-felt thanks to everyone.

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... You know? This has weighed on my heart this whole day.

And I want to say, I want to thank you all, that you all have loved me and tolerated me so very much. I admit to my faults, I can go overboard, I can go beyond and do some terrible harm, I can be intolerable and even a total asshole. I can be inexperienced, inept and awkward. But I am thankful you guys love me, and have let me be a part of your lives, and to serve as a Jr. Admin for Team Interrobang, and I am glad I can let you guys be a part of my life in return.

I know I say a lot of crazy shit to the point that sometimes no one can tell if I am serious or not, but... I'm serious, and I want to wish you all a happy valentines day. I love you all, God bless and take care today.


  1. BostonJake's Avatar
    D'awwwww <3 happy Valentine's Day Xem!
  2. Razputin's Avatar
    Happy V-day, Xem.
  3. Xemgoa's Avatar
    Thank you <3