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The neighborhood psycho rejoices!

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I think I don't get much readers and few comments cause the titles are ridiculous, and because I have the poor ability to make my sentences short, sweet and to the point. If you can sit a spell and let me spin a wire; you have my thanks. =J

Welp, Jury duty is over a lot early then I anticipated, since there was not going to be any during Christmas eve and onward, I have time to finally enjoy my vacation. I think what with no school to deal with in the meantime, I'm feeling confident and level headed enough to try and apply for adminship. I did managed to get myself a working microphone (though I am still naturally loud, I will have to get used to speaking a lot quieter), though now since I live in an apartment, I have to keep my mic usage to a minimum or become very quiet. And a lot of the admins I watched over the years gave me insight on how to deal with a lot of situations, and I felt I have become a lot calmer during the moment, though a few things I haven't gotten the sense of when someone is being a misfit is when they are being derogatory. I know when it's obvious but when its, for a lack of words, cryptic... it's hard to tell. (perhaps I should get a hold of an admin to join me to get an addition eye and opinion to make sure I don't make a mistake.) So I need help working on that. I'll put that plan off for a week.

I also would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas! God bless you all and take care!

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  1. Войска специальн's Avatar
    *eyes narrow*
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    Quote Originally Posted by ?????? ?????????
    *eyes narrow*