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Metal And Me

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by , November 8th, 2014, November 8th, 2014 at 09:59 PM (3056 Views)
This is the first time I have ever done anything blog like in my life, So for starters I apologize in advance for my awful grammar and excessive use of cursing. Also sorry if it gets a wee bit dark.

So I thought i would talk about the world of Metal Music changed my life. Growing up I was a bit of an odd case, rather socially awkward so I found it difficult to make friends. As a young teen I had many scary questions about life like, why the shit are we here? or what the fuck do I want to do with my life!? These manic thoughts running through my head did not help me in my studies or finding friendship. I started to become rather lazy and dickish? (yea dickish lets go with that). I had no motive to do or learn anything, I cared to much about what people thought and let it fester in my head until I stopped caring. My life took a little swan dive into a world of depression, somewhere I would like no person of this world to go. Until one day only a few weeks into moving to a new town as I was merely moping around the house, most likely playing some sort of Pokemon on an ancient gameboy. My brother came up to me and told me to come into his room and game while listening to some music. At the time music was a rather none existent thing in my life that I could care less about. As I first walked in I think that he was listening to some song by Bad Religion but he decided to switch it up a bit and he said lets listen to this and he threw up a song called Colony by a band called In Flames. Now at first I thought it was heavy and crazy, But as corny as it sounds a couple seconds in it began to give me goose bumps and a tingling feeling in my fingers.

So this silly little metal tune from 1999 did something that nothing else could, It for once gave me excitement towards ambition. I immediately took a massive interest in the genre of music which so many people shunned. I spent most nights still sitting around the house but this time listen to stunning dark riffs and depth pounding base lines from bands such as Agalloch and Lamb Of God. It made me have a sense of purpose in a world that I had once thought to not want me. It inspired me to learn this art and roam the world seeking new sick tunes and new people that share my new found romance. I met so many odd folks along the journey, But I still call those odd band of miscreants my brothers to this day.

The music that is metal, the music that so many people still call awful or dark. It is the very same music that managed to inspire the young hopeless man I was to do so much! It is what helped me talk to that new friend in a new town and bravely throw myself down the face of a mountain. One of the most impressionable people in my entire life is a sound metal head who went though the same troubles I did, The great Canadian Metal God Mr. Devin Townsend used metal music to help him through his dark times. The wicked sick rifts of Anders Bjorler (At The Gates) along with the howling vocals of Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) are just some of the musical ghosts that with guide my thoughts through life. Now I am not saying that this certain genre is for everyone and that it will work the same way. All I am saying is that a little music in your life can change a lot.

Well that was rather enjoyable, I hope it is not filled with bad grammar and other garbage. But I hope that my little short story will help you find love in music!

It is a bit heavy and not for everyone you don't need to tell me, But it is what sparked it all for me.



  1. Xemgoa's Avatar
    Not a bad read. I'm glad I get to know you a bit more, Nord =J Cheers!
  2. Войска специальн's Avatar
    Welcome to my past decade. And current decade.

    " I had no motive to do or learn anything, I cared to much about what people thought and let it fester in my head until I stopped caring. My life took a little swan dive into a world of depression "
  3. nord's Avatar
    Oh Boncka.