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I miss the old days

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I miss the days when when the only subject on a blog was my discussion of toilet paper. The feel. The texture.

Scotts is nice. It is not a Koch product. It is Kimberly Clark. The roll has a decent volume of papers. 1 ply is great.

2 and 3 ply just feel like a crime. Such a waste. And the price sucks.

Scotts is my brand.

I know all other brands belong to the Koch Brothers(International Paper). If I use International Paper Brands when I wipe my ass, I give money to the Koch Brothers. I feel like I am giving money to the republican party, but I am.

Each time I wipe my ass with an International Paper product, I want to shit more.

Fuck Capitalism.

Updated October 18th, 2014, October 18th, 2014 at 01:40 PM by VirginBride (You can't read anything with the Halloweeen Background unless it is bolded.)



  1. Cruel's Avatar
    I agree to an extent, but have you considered the value of a bidet?
  2. Talespinner_Nerubian's Avatar
    Don't worry VB, just stick with your capitalist toilet paper, and I'm sure this will turn out alright for you in the end. You'll get your perfect roll eventually. After all, this is just a part of growing up.

    Stay strong, brother.
    Updated October 19th, 2014, October 19th, 2014 at 02:49 PM by Talespinner_Nerubian
  3. Xemgoa's Avatar
    -walks in, knocks all your toilet paper in to the toilet. Then nonchalantly walks away-
  4. ellice909's Avatar
    Bring your to to server 1 vb.
  5. Lord_Gneo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cruel
    I agree to an extent, but have you considered the value of a bidet?
    These are god's gift to butts.
    I will miss them when I leave Japan, they are everywhere!