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Detective Gamey and the Big Switch

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Ok so as some of you may or may not know I struggle a lot with social anxiety and depression. I'm a senior in high school, and getting myself up and going to school has been really hard the past few years. I was in a hospital last February (this is unrelated but I thought I'd mention it because if enough people ask about it I'll make another blog post about it because I have some pretty funny stories about what happened there) and I've been through a lot of dumb therapy sessions and such. The school year is about a month in now, and I've only been a grand total of about 5 days. Oops. It's really hard for me to get out of bed and catching up and homework is really overwhelming and blah blah complain complain.

Anyways, because of the foresight that this year would probably turn out this way, I had it scheduled so I was only required to take 4 classes at school and 2 classes online. I'm enrolled in an advanced program called the Center for Science and Industry in which I go to a different building for the first 3 class periods to take English, Multimedia, and AP Computer Science. Because this is a small program for only the super duper best awesome cool people, I've had the teachers before and know all the other students. The environment is great, but it hasn't helped me be able to push myself to go to school even though I like it there. I then take 1 class (AP Psych if it matters) at my regular high school before going home.

Since I've missed so much and it's so hard and stressful to catch up on homework a new option has been presented to me that will take the huge amount of stress off of me and make me a :^) person. I'm already enrolled in 2 online virtual courses, and I was enrolled in online credit recovery classes over the summer to... well... recover credit. These classes were really easy for me to take and I enjoyed them quite a bit. The new possibility is that I could take more of these credit recovery classes instead of waking up every morning and feeling bad about not going to school. I would only have to take a couple of them and I could be done before Christmas time. Just the prospect of this has made me feel 1000x time better, like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I would miss my current classes and teachers of course, but it's not like I was seeing them much in the first place and the time to say goodbye would come around eventually. It's a very close-knit family-like school and I'm more than sure they would allow me to continue to attend their clubs and activities because let's face it, they love me. Who doesn't?
What do you guys think of this BIIIG SWIIITCH? It's a huge deal for me, but I'd be sacrificing these things for the sake of my happiness and mental well-being. I was skeptical and I still am, but I think this would be really good for me. I apologize if I left out any details, so if something is unclear just leave a comment and I'll clarify. I'm just waking up and am really nervous right now so yes.
That is all for now I love you. I'll see you kids next time on the next episode of Detective Gamey, the Hospital Horrors.

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  1. fieryrage's Avatar
    Do it. If it helps you become happy in life, you don't really have to question it at that point. I'm in the same boat, save for pessimism and OCD that you (supposedly? idk) don't have. But hey.

    We're all just playing videogames.

    Good luck, Gamey.
  2. TheGameFreak's Avatar
    Yes I do bb I used to have really bad OCD I would always HAVE to go in the same door I came out of and vice versa. I still do because every night I check all the doors twice to make sure they're locked.
    And I was pretty pessimistic about my future when I was missing school shrugshrug
  3. The Frank Furterz's Avatar
    Just remember that I will always you. If you can't deal with things one way, it wouldn't hurt to try with another.
  4. Kutiekatj9's Avatar
    That sounds super awesome! If it works for you, it works and that's awesome.
    Mental well being and happiness come first, always. You do you~
  5. Princess of Sweden's Avatar
    gamey babe. you as bright as a star (and as hot as one).
    u do u (and butters).
    i support u either way as long as u keep up with ur work c;
    love uuuuu
  6. booper_101's Avatar
    Whichever makes you the happiest and most comfortable. Because being uncomfortable is butts.
    <3 Gamey. Hope things go well for you.