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Detective Gamey and the Case of the Crappy Laptop

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Hello friends. I come to you today to explain the experience of my own personal first-world problem. My laptop has just recently been turned on since I am posting this, after it had overheated playing $3 indie platformer. This has been an issue I've been dealing with for quite a while. I used to only overheat when I was playing high requirement games like Civ V or Payday 2. Now, my computer constantly overheats playing any game, even things as simple as Bit Trip Runner 2 or the game I mentioned previously, Woodle Tree Adventures. My only current solution to this issue is running a fan facing my laptop on the table next to my desk as well as a laptop cooling pad placed underneath.

In addition to my overheating issue, I have terrible FPS in pretty much everything. The highest I've probably ever gotten in a game was 30, but it's usually around 10-20. My laptop is terrible and this is starting to frustrate me. I've tried to convince my brother to let me use his computer (an iMac) for some games like Payday 2 and maybe even TF2 so I can actually try to be good with a higher FPS, but he refuses to allow me on there for the time being. I would post my computer specs, but they don't really matter as my laptop has just been pretty poopy in general, even taking minutes to load up a program or sometimes to even open a new tab in any web browser. I'm not really looking for help, I'm writing this mostly to vent my frustration on the topic. However, if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem or how to convince my brother to use his computer for Steam, I'd like to know. I (Physical violence allowed ) I don't have very much money right now to afford a new computer (I've been struggling to grab all the steam games I want before the sale ends even, but aren't we all), but maybe later on in the year near my birthday I'll figure something out. Anyways, thanks for reading, and sorry for complaining about something so trivial. I know I'm lucky to even have a computer in the first place, but the fact that it hardly works anymore is starting to get on my nerves.

Your friend,

P.S. The struggle is real


  1. Sea Lemon's Avatar
    I know a really cheap, but really good laptop if you want to buy one. I just got it yesterday and it's bananas. The only game I played that had really good graphics so far was Contagion, and it ran so smoof. It runs Garry's mod great as well as Minecraft. If your interested just tell me C:
  2. tweir's Avatar
    It sounds like your laptops cooling system is not what it used to be. Probably due to one or more fans getting filled with crap.

    If you have some tech skillz, i'd suggest opening it up & spraying some compressed air through the fan.

    Regardless of whether you do open it up, the key to avoiding heat crashes is airflow, airflow, and more airflow. A decent laptop fan (e.g. will buy you a few degrees of cooling, which can sometimes be the edge that you need to actually get some gaming done.
  3. Candy Bar Bag Carrying Bag's Avatar
    It's okay gamey my laptop is a hell of a lot worse than yours and my laptop hates me. Everyday at 10 am my computer crashes for no reason, overheats about 3 times a day, tf2/minecraft get around 10-20 fps if I see a teammate/enemy, can't play Gmod often because it crashes about 15 minutes later, always takes about 10 minutes for it to actually connect to the internet once turned on and lastly takes a forever for it to load up a youtube video that's three minutes long. (Even worse now that the new youtube crap is going on now.)

    I feel your pain... and yes it probably will get worse.
  4. DrGlove's Avatar
    If it's under warranty, use that.
    If not, open it, clean out the fans and heatsinks. Take photos as you go, as laptops tend to have a ton of screws and things that you'll find hard to remember when it comes time to piece it back together. The should help your overheating issue. After that I'd recommend wiping the machine to a clean slate if it hasn't been done in a long time.