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The Prince of Sweden

Where am I?

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I apologize that I've seemingly disappeared, but I had some stuff to deal with. Some personal problems sent me to the psych ward, but that's pretty much dealt with.
However, I probably won't be around much in the near future, since me and my friends decided to all play WoW for the summer as a little fun event, and that's eating up my time.
If you want to join me in WoW, we play on the Horde in Sentinels, my tag is Hyperion#1878.
Also, with the DOTA 2 International 2014 around the corner, I'll be playing quite a bit of DOTA, and the pro scene is so much fun to watch.
Finally, I'll be working at a summer camp for pretty much all of July, so I'll be absent for a while during that time.

Just making this in case anyone's curious where I am. I'll try to attend fun events, but I won't be regularly playing on the servers until the end of summer. I'll be back eventually.

Prince of Sweden


  1. ZomgNoWai's Avatar
    Glad you didn't die, I was worried.
  2. fieryrage's Avatar
    how dare you be gone on my birthday
    I'm sad now

    (In all seriousness, though, good to know you're doing alright, have fun at the videogame summer camp)
  3. Whiterunner's Avatar
    You scared the fuck out of me
  4. Citrus God's Avatar
    If you get a request from someone named Bergles, that's me.
  5. Scotty517's Avatar
    Stay strong and know there are others out here who have some level of understanding and an open ear.