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Dodging Death with Kuckles

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So yesterday 4/4/2014 after seeing Captain America Winter Soldier, great movie recommend you go see it. but on the way home with my friend we got stuck in traffic on the highway because some bridge was fucked up. anyway a guy who was not paying any attention at all hit my car. luckily he noticed at the last second and swerved only hitting my back left wheel. unfortunately for him that caused him to barrel roll down the highway for a bit before landing on his side. we made traffic even worse for like another hour.

Me and my friend are completely fine, but if he had hit me head on I might not be able to type this out right now. this post is for anyone who cares to read really. seemed like a story people would like to hear. But for now my car is fucked up and not driveable so i have to get that repaired. probably gonna be online less for a day or two just because.

but seriously guys new Captain America movie is good go see it.


  1. Jaqen_Hghar's Avatar
    Goddam man. Glad to hear you're alright. I was in one of these a few months back and it ended almost exactly the same way. Any idea how the other driver is doing?
  2. Bluedude303's Avatar
    My mother was once t-boned pulling into our driveway by someone driving on the wrong side of the road. These kinda things suck. I hope you can get this all sorted out, and I hope everyone involved recovers from any injury they may have.
    Best wishes
    Updated April 5th, 2014, April 5th, 2014 at 05:31 PM by Bluedude303
  3. Kuckles22's Avatar
    other guy seemed fine. they did take him to the hospital of course
  4. booper_101's Avatar
    I am glad you didn't get hurt badly! KEEP SAFE, KOOKLES, OR I WILL BOOP YOU.
  5. Universal Wasabi's Avatar