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RIP Justin Carmical

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Updated January 7th, 2020, January 7th, 2020 at 06:53 PM by CaptPlaceholder



  1. Kuckles22's Avatar
    I have been going through different peoples shows on TWTG I wish i got around to his stuff sooner, but in all the stuff i did see him in it was great. I may not have met him but I can definitely see that the world lost someone special.

    also that NC farewell gets me, impossible not to tear up. Rest in peace Justin.
  2. Jaqen_Hghar's Avatar
    Very sad to hear. From everything I've heard he was easily one of the most approachable and genuinely friendly people from TWTG/channel awesome. I only knew him from crossover videos and never got around to watching his solo stuff, and I really wish I had...