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The Prince of Sweden

Team Interrobang wouldn't be the same without all of YOU

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The best part of Team Interrobang is definitely the people in it. Even more so than the servers, the people here are what brings me back day after day.
I've had great times here; playing Cards Against Humanity (and eating too much cake), doing Games of the Month, Wacky Races, and other fun shenanigans.
Everyone interacting with each other here is what makes team Interrobang what it is. I check back here almost daily so I'm sure I don't miss anything, and
I'm sure I'm not the only one. All of you silly people have changed me and made me a happier person, and I thank all of you for that. I enjoy popping on to
Turdbine and being recognized by someone as a somewhat regular face. I enjoy trying to help people with various small problems/tasks. I enjoy jumping in
to the TI chat and getting to laugh at jokes, have light-hearted arguments, and teaching myself how to draw a sexy german pengin.


All in all, I enjoy everything that this community has to offer, with almost no exceptions. If I were to go to the past and change something, the only thing I'd
do is be here sooner. I'm very fortunate that my best friend happened to be an admin here, as I sadly wouldn't have run across this community otherwise.
I do hope that this community will continue to thrive and grow for many a year to come; I won't be going anywhere soon. Quick shoutouts to some of the
best people I've met: Vil for showing me TI, Pants for fun times, whiterunner for being such a fish (ilu), booper for being just plain awesome, Nighthawk for
all the giggling, Crasian for killing me, fiery for being fun to talk to, Agua, Square for letting us enjoy all these events, and all the rest of you are great too. <3

Happy Holidays & I Love you all,
~Prince of Sweden

Updated December 18th, 2013, December 18th, 2013 at 04:51 PM by The Prince of Sweden



  1. Nighthawk's Avatar
    *giggle giggle*
  2. Pengin002's Avatar
    Damn dats sexy. Take me...