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This is also a blog... or why Cruel thinks you're the best person in the world.

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by , January 20th, 2013, January 20th, 2013 at 03:42 PM (7767 Views)
You're all very silly people. I am a very silly person. We spend our time playing games and to anyone not involved in the process it appears as though we're all very silly people that waste time staring into a box. As someone that is involved in the process I(we) know that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. We can all at the very least come together and laugh at ourselves, each other, and circumstance every once in a while. That is why I particularly like Team Interrobang. This team combines due process with comradery, and that is special among gaming communities (CVG). I know that in times of need I have sought out friends here that have all been willing to console me in my pain (Dahveed, Nighthawk, & Booper), and for that I will be forever grateful. There are those of you that I have known for a while (Boncka). I can know the the majority of the rest of you are friendly people that I would trust on any day with any of my thing, and I try in so many capacities to show my gratitude but it will never be enough, not in my opinion. There are so many great people in this community and you are all the best people that I know.

But some of you are not nice. There are people that come to mind, very silly people that do not share the same amiable nature of those that I love. They are silly for other reasons, perhaps they feel that acting the douche is something that they *must* do. We cannot ever know their motivation. I will say that I pity them, but that they also remind me why it is that TI is special. We're a congregation of peoples wholly opposed to the ideals and concepts of those that would ruin our time gaming. Not only that, but we set a standard for ourselves and then we abide this standard. There is a particular incident that comes to mind with all of this. Before I became an admin I had filed a CnD that ended up getting one person perma banned and one other perma silenced. I still feel bad about it because the only true mark of success regarding harassment is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. It's still not over though. Yesterday while trading I received an invite from a friend of theirs, my natural assumation was that he had an inclination to trade. ( ). I personally found the exchange kind of funny in the sense that their attempt to ruin my day failed in such a way that it reaffirmed my previous actions. So what I am saying is that you should take a moment to laugh at this person for failing so hard, and then you should know that I like you, all of you, because you are not this person.

TL:DR Cruel wanted to make fun of someone but he is too damned nice.

Updated January 20th, 2013, January 20th, 2013 at 03:46 PM by Cruel



  1. booper_101's Avatar
    Hah he's bad. Please goml at insults pls.
    I mean... I am so proud of you for standing up like that Cruele girl! GG <3
  2. Dahveeday's Avatar
    This is really the only way to deal with people like this. Cruel, your responses to the people in this world who feel that behaving this way is acceptable always make me smile. Thanks for hanging around TI and choosing to become an admin. I've always thought you made a great addition to the team.
  3. ShasOFaiz's Avatar
    tl;dr: Cruel is a sick fuck.
  4. Pengin002's Avatar
    I want to touch you inappropriately you beautiful creature.
  5. Princess of Sweden's Avatar
    10:28 PM - tony: i just smoke blunts and drink dirty spirte all day
    He knows how to live.
  6. Cruel's Avatar
    Pengin, you don't even have to ask :3