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Congratulations, you just completed the Tutorial!

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Updated January 7th, 2020, January 7th, 2020 at 06:53 PM by CaptPlaceholder



  1. Ra_Tukt's Avatar
    Life sucks and there's no inherent meaning- no two ways around it. Bizarre and wonderful as it is, you will always be the only one who decides which reasons keep you going, seriously, it's all just a huge cosmic joke. Please keep that in mind at all times. There's a point where you either give yourself up to something "grander" or become one of the men that want to watch the world burn, though obviously being figurative with that. You have the power to make things better whenever you want, a better question would be "When does it become easier for me to make it seem so?" I hope I at least gave you pause for thought, but maybe I'm just a kid like you and I'm blowing it out my ass, you decide.
  2. CaptPlaceholder's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ra_Tukt
    become one of the men that want to watch the world burn, though obviously being figurative with that.
    Damnit Ra Tukt, you almost got me thinking I could become the world's greatest super-villain!

    Anyways, you are right. I already knew the world was a place of vicious evil (especially Australia) and I need to just forge my own path. I probably should have put the question as "How did you cope with leveling up for the first time?"
  3. Dahveeday's Avatar
    CapN, as someone who has gone through this experience and maybe not handled it as well as others, I would like to give you the things that I have pinpointed as problems that I could have avoided in hindsight. We sound like similar people in our worries about the college experience, especially with roommates. We are also similar in our job experience. Let's see what I can do. Fire the advice cannon!

    On roommates: Most colleges make at least a small effort to match you up with someone who is compatible. There is no college in the world that wants to deal with people who hate each other so much that they have to rearrange their living situation. It is a hassle for everyone involved, and so colleges most often have roommate surveys. Fill this out HONESTLY. If there is something that would make living with someone else unbearable for you, be clear and concise on the issue. When your roommate is assigned, make an effort to get to know them in some small way. Don't have meeting in your room be your introduction. This will also allow you to avoid people bringing two of the same thing that ends up taking up space rather than being used. The majority of college roommates for the first year end up being amicable if not best friends. That's what sophomore year roommates usually end up being.

    On job experience: If you qualify for work study or even if you don't, see if you can find a job working for the school's IT department if they have one. Many many college students will not be as knowledgeable as you about computers and no longer have their tech savvy friends to go to for advice. When they figure out that is you, they will probably come to you for help often. Why not be able to redirect them to the IT center, where you work? Best of all, they can call IT any time without interrupting you when you have other things you'd like to be doing. IT departments tend to be full of people who seem similar to you from your description; more reserved types who can talk confidently and help people with what they know best.

    Finally, as not fun as this may be, consider taking 18 credits your first semester a second time. Like you, my schedule was 18 credits first semester. Throughout high school I was an exemplary student who had no trouble getting up at 6 everyday to get ready to go to class from 7 to 2:30, do extra curriculars, get home at 5, eat and do homework. College was a different ballgame for me. Never had I missed my home or family so much, because classes weren't everyday I wasn't placing emphasis on doing the work everyday until it was done as I had in high school, long-term projects snuck up on me, and I was having the time of my life.

    I have never had as many opportunities to have enormous amounts of fun and get to know people as I did in college. I am an athletic person and was on multiple intramural teams as well as working out with my friends. I enjoy gaming and my floor would have 4 v 4 Halo Reach battles on projector screens in our common room. I got in TF2 for the first time. I watched multiple seasons of Dexter, found tons of new music, and met an incredible girl. My floor had dinners, walks downtown, dances, etc. It is an overload of freedom which I was not prepared for. I spent high school with no choice what to do after I had chosen my activities. I had to get things done. College was the exact opposite.

    If you choose to take 18 credits, out of necessity I suspect you will have to turn offers down. Picking and choosing the ones that are the most important is not an easy task, and may lead to some regret. Everyone eventually calms down and realizes that they are at college to learn, but if you can choose to have fewer credits in your first freshman semester it will allow you to have more experiences with your classmates and possibly make lifelong friends in the process.

    I hope this helps, and best of luck!
  4. booper_101's Avatar
    First of all:
    Second of all, they will probably not match you up with someone who is messy if you put down that you're a neat freak. I suggest that you don't party all night and all morning if you want a good education. I mean, you're paying for your education at this point and you don't want to waste all those years partying and get out of college with no knowledge. Work hard and you will be rewarded. Good luck Capn!
  5. Ra_Tukt's Avatar
    Also, please realize that the tutorial doesn't end until the state of your body can only be described as dead, deceased, and dreadfully awful at responding to stimuli, because then the real adventure happens. No one has done it and come back to tell what happened.
    Updated May 17th, 2012, May 17th, 2012 at 06:17 PM by Ra_Tukt
  6. The Planet's Avatar
    I'm Going through the same-ish thing. Just remember: You're gonna need a high Perception and a high Intelligence skill