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My learning curve of .Dem and conversions to .AVI

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by , February 12th, 2012, February 12th, 2012 at 12:51 PM (5382 Views)
Alas, this has been quite an interesting learning curve for me as most of my 'programming' knowledge was back in highschool, and started on the basic programming language 'turing'

Thanks to [!?] Spooner, I started to dig in a little more about demo's and how to view them. From there I have now went to learning how to process and convert them into .AVI with the help of "VirtualDub" A program I have never heard of, nor had the pleasure of learning about in school.

Hopefully if this demo I am currently converting turns out well, I will unfortunately be on TF2 (a little) less, for the sake of capturing shenanigans I had seen and or watched, and turn them into fun little videos during my off time! =D

My plans are to stay 'behind the scenes' or actually be a part of these fun times, dedicated for TI and possibly have some good laughs with new community members, fresh bait-- I mean new admins .

Here's a toast to all TI fans, members, team alike and to more fun times and new/old experiences!


  1. SquareMEal's Avatar
    I'll just leave this here:

    Converting directly to .avi in TF2 doesn't work, but you can supposedly convert straight to .mov. In other source engine games, converting to .avi works, at least for me.
  2. booper_101's Avatar
    Excellent. MWAHAHAHA.
  3. Scyantific's Avatar
    Record your demo.
    Download the TF2 Lawena Recording Tool.
    Set it up for recording.
    Record Video.

    Lawena lets you record the demo in a specified framerate, and mess around with all the settings, so you can get something like one of those frag videos from comp TF2 players. Personally I just use it to launch with appropriate settings then record with Fraps at the FPSrate I want, then take all of that finish it in Vegas. was a big help for me. This is the webpage of Lucky Luke, who does a lot of the frag videos for the Community Fortress Channel on YouTube. Check it out.
  4. Nighthawk's Avatar
    Never appropriately thanked you guys for the links. My brain seemed to turn to mush, but I will due diligently jump back on my fallen horse and keep working on it!

    I wont stop until I'm thrown AND stomped on >=3, mostly because I'd probably be too injured to continue on, haha.