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Oddgo got a Tumblr!

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by , October 12th, 2011, October 12th, 2011 at 10:25 AM (3622 Views)
Hey guys! I decided to start a tumblr where I will be posting video game related content, as well as some of my own thoughts. It will mostly be Let's Plays and perhaps clips from my time on our servers, but I will try to keep it both entertaining and thought provoking. Thanks for reading!


  1. Chef Grantisimo's Avatar
    And, you don't post the address to said Tumblr...
  2. Obi's Avatar
    It's on his Google+

    For the lazy, or those not on G+
  3. Oddgo's Avatar
    My bad! Thanks for the assist Obi.
  4. Morbo's Avatar
    follow me back :D ---->
    if youre wondering about the name... some one gave to me i dont know why...
  5. Pixels's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Bioshock and I agree with you on most what you've said.
  6. kaiser's Avatar
    hey, I use tumblr sometimes. following!

    ps: your avatar is so cuuuute :3
  7. Jay Are's Avatar